About the Teacher Advisory Council


  • To offer a bridge between the Lincoln Public Schools Superintendent and LPS teachers.
  • To provide valuable school district information to Council members.
  • To open up a discussion of challenges, issues, questions and successes in the school district.
  • To give the superintendent a sense of the major issues and concerns in the school district.

How It Works

  • At each meeting the superintendent will give Teacher Advisory Council members a broad overview of the main school district issues.
  • The superintendent will invite questions and comments.  He will make sure all questions are answered.
  • Members of his executive staff will not attend the first meeting.
  • The superintendent encourages Teacher Advisory Council members to share the information they receive with colleagues at their individual schools.  They might post minutes on a bulletin board.  They might make presentations to school faculty groups.

Ground Rules

  • The conversation and questions at these Council meetings should be targeted at overall and broad issues and concerns – not specific or personal issues, and not any collective bargaining issues.
  • After each meeting a summary of the session will be posted on the LPS website’s Staff Center. The summary will include the superintendent’s update, as well as questions and answers. However, the names of individual Council members will not be used in the summary.
  • Members of the Council are not compensated, and will change annually.