Effective Classroom Practices

Room Arrangement

Classrooms are organized so all students can see, hear and engage and are set up for maximized learning

"The physical arrangement of the classroom is a preventative practice that positively impacts student performance in the classroom." ~Scheuerman and Hall

This infographic provides more information on effective physical arrangement.

This video offers specific examples from LPS classrooms demonstrating how to effectively arrange physical space.

Listen to this narrated slideshow to learn more about effective physical arrangement.

Connection to Appraisal

Danielson Framework

  • Pleasant inviting atmosphere (2e)
  • Safe environment (2e)
  • Accessibility for all students (2e)
  • Arrangement suitable for the learning activities (2e)

Strategies to Try:

  • Walk between desks/rows to ensure ability to easily move through classroom
  • Sit in every student desk-can you see, hear and be engaged in instruction?
  • Remove excess materials in classroom, reduce clutter
  • Draw/map out classroom arrangement
  • Ensure posted materials are current and used for instructional purposes
  • Ask a coach or colleague to observe and give feedback
  • Observe a colleague’s classroom and reflect on practice