Effective Classroom Practices

Responding to Problem Behavior

Use an instructional approach when students make behavioral errors similar to when they make academic errors

"Respond to problem behavior the same way you would an academic error: Re-teach and provide feedback." ~Brandi Simonsen

This infographic provides more information on responding to problem behavior.

This video shows a high school example of efficiently and effectively responding to inappropriate behavior.

Listen to this narrated slideshow to learn more about responding to problem behavior.


How does this strategy connect to other initiatives in LPS?

Trauma Informed Care

  • Strategies need to empower the student and teach resiliency skills
  • Reteaching skills will help youth replace learned responses that may not be appropriate
  • A continuum of responses provides the student help regulating their emotions and provides staff the opportunity to relate to the students emotions before reasoning.

Danielson Framework

  • Standards of conduct have been established and implemented successfully. (2d)
  • The teacher frequently monitors student behavior (2d)
  • Preventive action when needed by the teacher (2d)
  • Teacher awareness of student conduct (2d)
  • The teacher’s response to student misbehavior is effective (2d)
  • Politeness and encouragement (2a)
  • Fairness (2a)