Effective Classroom Practices

Encouraging Appropriate Behavior

Acknowledgement is when teachers pay attention to positive behavior and recognize it.

"Research indicates that you can improve behavior by 80% just by pointing out what someone is doing correctly." ~Laura Riffel

This infographic provides more information on encouraging appropriate behavior.

This video demonstrates the power of specific positive feedback and how we can use it to increase the behavior we wish to see.

Listen to this narrated slideshow to learn more about encouraging appropriate behavior.

Connection to Appraisal

Danielson Framework

  • Expectation of high-quality work on the part of students (2b)
  • Expectation of recognition of effort and persistence on the part of students (2b)
  • Reinforcement of positive behavior (2d)

Strategies to Try:

  • Video tape teaching, count 4:1, reflect on ways to increase feedback
  • Practice specific feedback vs. general praise
  • Utilize SW ticket during instruction paired with specific feedback
  • Establish a group contingency (based on data)
  • Post a visual reminder to increase rate of positive feedback
  • Establish a personal strategy to increase rate of positive feedback
  • Acknowledge small approximations of behavior to increase behavioral momentum
  • Reflect on classroom acknowledgment system to ensure positivity
  • Ensure ALL students receive the Tier 1 “dose” of feedback-equitable use of feedback
  • Observe a colleague’s classroom and reflect on practice
  • Ask a coach or colleague to observe and give feedback, collect 4:1 data