Challenging Behavior Webinar Series

In this webinar from Stephanie Drake and Tom Kolbe, you will learn ways we support students who are showing behaviors to avoid work through function based planning and strategies.

In this webinar, Sarah Wright and Laura Stephenson discuss ways we support students who are showing behaviors to gain the attention of peers or adults, through function based planning and strategies.

PBIS Coach Jen Quaranta and Pershing Principal Jamie Cook work through strategies on how we support our students with Autism in classrooms.

Elementary and middle school administrators discuss school and classroom systems and how they work with teachers on how to effectively respond to problem behavior.

Cheryl Turner joins school social worker Ursula Vernon-Hansen and student support coach Tom Kolbe to discuss how effective classroom practices support all students, especially those affected by trauma.

In this webinar, Carrie Erks, school social worker talks to different schools on their use of the Second Step curriculum.  Joining Carrie is Andrea Phillips, school social worker, Amy Carnie, Principal at Hill Elementary, and Megan O’Brien, music teacher at Zeman, all discussing the ways they use Second Step

In this webinar, join Instructional Technology Coach Katie Nystrom and Student Support Coach Nancy Wiebelhaus as they focus on student engagement and opportunities to respond. Nancy and Katie will discuss using discipline data to plan and implement strategies  for increased student engagement.


In this webinar, join MTSS-B coach Sarah Wright, and Autism Team Leader Brigette Morgan as they discuss strategies on supporting students displaying intense behavior. In this presentation they will focus on methods of prevention and response.