Effective Classroom Practices

Active Supervision

Components of active supervision: Moving, scanning and interacting

"Look Around, Walk Around, Talk Around." ~Anita Archer

This infographic provides more information on active supervision.

This video offers specific examples from LPS classrooms demonstrating how to provide active supervision.

Listen to this narrated slideshow to learn more about active supervision.

Connection to Appraisal

Danielson Framework

  • Body language indicative of warmth and caring shown by teacher and students (2a)
  • Physical proximity (2a)
  • Politeness and encouragement (2a)
  • Fairness (2a)

Strategies to Try:

  • Video tape instruction, reflect on (input from tenure slide) use of teacher demeanor and scan, move and interact and plan for improvement 
    • Scan 
    • Move
    • Interact
  • Develop a strategy for equitable movement and interactions during instructions
  • Ask a coach or colleague to observe and give feedback
  • Observe a colleague’s classroom and reflect on practice