Remote Learning at
Lincoln Public Schools

SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Information

For information about the COVID-19 causing coronavirus and Lincoln Public Schools’ response to it, please see our information page here.

Supporting Learning in the Cloud

Lincoln Public Schools’ mission is strengthening the community through excellence in education. The District’s Strategic Plan outlines the way in which we bring this mission to life and demonstrates our commitment to excellence. Goal 4 in the Strategic Plan encourages all of Lincoln Public Schools’ educators to consider the ways in which we can involve students in relevant and engaging learning that fosters creativity and imagination, and that helps students gain the confidence and competence to address personal, community, and global issues in collaborative and resourceful ways.

Designing systems that provide meaningful engagement in the learning process through virtual means enables Lincoln Public Schools to ensure student learning is continuous and ongoing outside of the four walls of a classroom. Lincoln Public Schools learns in the classroom. Lincoln Public Schools learns in the cloud. Imagine the possibilities.

Supporting Learning in the Cloud

Parents and Guardians

Parents and guardians have a role in supporting learning when it occurs in the classroom as well as when it occurs remotely.


Remote learning offers students opportunities to show their learning in different ways.


Educators are responsible for establishing positive, productive learning environments in which students can learn, whether in or outside of a classroom.