LPS StudentServe Is...

LPS StudentServe is a student-led, district-wide initiative committed to instilling civic responsibility and preserving democratic ideology in students by promoting behaviors of good citizenship in their local, national, and global communities. Normally, we hold a week of service at the end of April where elementary students take part in service activities during school and middle and high school students volunteer in their community. This year, we are going online to encourage service in our community. You can get involved by following along with each day’s activities and sharing it with us @LPSorg using #LPSStudentServe.  (Plans for StudentServe 2021 are TBD).

Ways you can serve this week (May 10-14, 2020)

Monday: You

Tuesday: Your Family

  • Reduce food waste
  • Video Chat/call a relative
  • Do a random act of kindness for a family member you’re staying at home with

Wednesday: Your Neighbors

  • Visit your neighbors through the window to say ‘Hi’
  • Ask your neighbors what you can do to help
  • Do yard work or another favor for your elderly neighbors

Thursday: Your Community

Friday: Thank You!

  • Thank a family member in your life
  • Write a thank you note to essential workers, your teachers, nurses, doctors, etc.
  • Share a thank you note you wrote with us on social media @LPSorg using #LPSStudentServe