Prohibited Gang-related Items Resource List

Lincoln Public Schools does not allow clothing and apparel that have been identified as gang-related – in the best interest of the safety and security of our students.  LPS uses local and national resources, including the Lincoln Police Department’s Gang Unit, to identify banned items related to clothing, symbols, accessories, etc. – that could promote street gangs.  These items are subject to change as new items and symbols are identified. 

All students are prohibited from wearing or displaying any identified items: 

  • Clothing with a bandana pattern (example)
  • Clothing, typically sports gear, with the numbers 13 or 18
  • St. Louis Cardinals gear which contains the letters “SL”
  • LA Dodgers gear
  • LA Raiders gear
  • Marilyn Monroe images
  • Playboy bunny images
  • D1B or Day 1 Brothers
  • BDB or Bout Dat Boys
  • GHOS
  • Clothing or any item with the name of any street gang or symbol, determined in collaboration with the LPD gang unit.

In addition, students are prohibited from using hand signs of any kind.  Though there are some common hand signs that are not related to gang culture, there are many that are and their use creates an unsafe educational environment.  Gang signs shift and change over time as new gangs emerge, and the intent of this rule is to prevent any gang-related activity from occurring, including violent responses to hand signs.

"That's a gang sign?"

Use this national resource to help identify what symbols, team appearal, colors and clothing may be used to represent prominent gangs in America.