Frequently Asked Questions

Security (for the community)

All Lincoln Public Schools schools practice evacuation drills ten times a year. Lincoln Public Schools asks each school to conduct a Lockdown drill once every semester. We ask each location to conduct a Shelter drill each semester to prepare for severe weather. These drills are often conducted in concert with Lancaster County Emergency Management. Each school is also asked to conduct a Lockout drill every semester. Lockout is the most common emergency action we take. For a description of each action in the Standard Response Protocol please go to

Yes, during the school day, all doors are locked except for the outer doors connected to our secured entries which are staffed by Secure Entry Monitors (SEMs) or in cases where the outer door leads directly into the office area.

Yes, the 2014 bond issue supported the renovation of school entrances. 

Yes, all schools in Lincoln Public Schools are audited every year by the Lincoln Police Department.

Threat Assessment is the understanding that people involved in certain kinds of violence follow predictive pathways of behavior. When people (students, community members, parents) exhibit concerning behavior, a multi-disciplinary team at Lincoln Public Schools is ready to review the behavior and take action to support the person of concern and, hopefully, guide the person of concern to a safe disposition.

Lincoln Public Schools follows the nationally renowned Standard Response Protocol (SRP). If an active threat is inside of the school, students and staff should run from the threat and leave the school. If the location of the threat is unknown, students and staff should go into a classroom, lock the door, turn out the lights and stay silent until first responders arrive.

Lockout is followed by the Directive: “Secure the Perimeter” and is the protocol used to safeguard students and staff within the building. Lockdown is followed by “Locks, Lights, Out of Sight” and is the protocol used to secure individual rooms and keep students quiet and in place.

No. State statute currently prohibits this. Nebraska law allows only on-duty police officersor off-duty officers hired by LPS, to provide security services and carry guns on school property.

State statute currently prohibits this.

In order for a magnetometer enhanced system to work, a school must be kept secure on a 24/7 basis and all people entering the school must always pass through the entrance with the magnetometer. That entrance must be staffed by people trained to operate the equipment and also must be staffed by enough people to move staff and students through the entrance at a pace that will not inhibit the school day.

All of our six major high schools have cameras. We use cameras at other schools in a very limited fashion to help staff manage security concerns unique to the school.

School Resource Officers (SROs) are in each of our six major high schools. They serve as a community police officer who has a very unique “beat. SROs have specialized training in de-escalation and education issues. SROs are often considered some of the most talented and valued officers in their organization.

A Secure Entry Monitor (SEM) is a Lincoln Public Schools employee who greets people as they arrive at the school. The SEM evaluates all visitors for their suitability to enter the rest of the school. SEMs check visitors by using databases which can inform school personnel that a person may represent some kind of concern for students and staff. SEMs determine where in the school a visitor may go, and issue temporary IDs which inform school staff that the visitor has been allowed into the school for good reason.

You should report a concern in the way that makes you feel the most comfortable. Please consider speaking to a trusted Lincoln Public Schools employee. If you have a child who attends a Lincoln Public Schools school, please consider talking to the principal or another administrator assigned to the building. You may call the Lincoln Public Schools District Office and ask to speak with someone associated with the subject of your concern (Human Resources or Security) or you may access the Let’s Talk portal located on the front of the LPS website and voice a concern ( Let’s Talk allows you to speak to us by name or in an anonymous fashion.

Safety (for schools)

No, the arrows show how to get from each space to a main exit.  You can leave through any exit you want and you should drill using different exits during the course of the year for events such as a blocked exit or gas leak.

Nothing, we don’t use the ERIP anymore.

Yes, we encourage you to let before and after school programs use the radios. Please don’t have the radios in the “ON” position while in a charger.

Call Security at x1641  We will send a message to everyone who needs to know.  After that, you can process and problem solve with anyone you want.

No, every three years

Yes, if they have cleared a background check; their names will be on the outside therapist list on Docushare.

Yes, only after they have made arrangements with Security.

Put them at your main entrances when you go into Lockout.  Visitors will know to leave the area.  During a Lockout, make sure to radio Transportation to have buses routed away from you if necessary.


Anytime you are outside of the building.  First responders will always go to the person in the traffic vest.

On the spreadsheet in GoogleDoc. That is the only place you need to list the drills, Security will take care of the rest.

Call Security.  Joe will work with city agencies and FM to get us the help we need.

Call the Hotline on all neglect/abuse issues (1.800.652.1999).  If you are calling on something which seems urgent/serious ask the call taker if you should also call LPD (402.441.6000).  Do not call Family Crimes.  Contact Joe if you have a question about law enforcement protocol.

Keep using your old materials.  As we print new materials we will transition to the new icons.  It’s okay to use both sets in your school as you make the switch.