Nutrition Services

WebSMARTT (Point of Sale)

WebSMARTT is the name of the district’s cafeteria computerized Point of Sale system and is used at all schools. Each student can access his or her account using their own PIN, which is entered on a pin pad as they leave the cafeteria serving area.

Money is deposited into the student’s personal account (called a prepayment), and when food is purchased the computer subtracts the cost from the student’s balance. Any amount of money may be deposited. Cash may also be used directly to pay for food.

The advantages of depositing money in an account include: parents or guardians know where the money is going, faster service, and students don’t have to carry money each day. Students must not lend their PIN number to other students. This may result in their account being charged and quickly depleted.

Whether a lunch is free, reduced price or fully paid, the cash register will show zero amount due as long as there is money in the account when needed. When a student’s account gets down to the last few dollars the cashier may alert the student. At any time the cashier can do a balance inquiry on a student’s account and inform the student of their balance. If a student runs out of money in their account, they will be asked to pay the balance due or not take extras/snacks.

For answers to questions or concerns about an account, please contact the cafeteria manager at the student’s school.

Customer policies and procedures

Transfers: Money in an account will be transferred from one school to another if a student changes schools within the Lincoln Public Schools during the school year.

All lunch account balances will be carried over to the next school year each year. Balances on accounts at the end of the school year will be in the students’ accounts when they return to school. Parents should closely monitor how much money they put into their student’s account at the end of the school year to ensure the account balance over the summer isn’t higher than they would like. Cash is always welcome.

Refunds: Money will only be refunded from accounts according to the following guidelines.

1. Current LPS students returning to Lincoln Public Schools for the next school year will be eligible for a refund if their year-end lunch account balance is or exceeds $25.00. All refunds must be requested at the student’s current school before the last day of school.

2. After that, only students leaving Lincoln Public Schools will have their lunch accounts refunded. The money will be refunded at Lincoln Public Schools District Office, 5905 O Street in the Accounting Department, starting the second week after school gets out. Any amounts not claimed by July 15 for students leaving LPS will revert to the Nutrition Services Department.

3. Parents whose family has qualified for Free status may request a refund of monies deposited prior to their status change. This may be completed at the student’s school, or at the LPS District Office.

Charging: No snack foods or seconds may be charged resulting in a negative balance.

Prepayments: Prepayments may be mailed to the school to the attention of the cafeteria manager, or sent with the child to school. Write your child’s PIN and name on the check in the Memo field. At the beginning of the school year prepayments can be made at your school’s open house. Prepayments may be made before school at a designated time, or during breakfast and lunch serving times.

Lunch money options

The money in the student’s account can be deposited three ways:

1) for school breakfast and lunch meals only;

2) for school meals, milk for cold lunch and snacks;

3) for cash only, to be spent as wished for breakfast, lunch, snacks and seconds.

A parent or guardian may indicate on their check or send a note how they want the money deposited in their student’s account.

Deposits may also be made via the Internet. Log on to and click the ‘Buy Student Meals’ link for more information, or click the button below.


See our FAQ section for more questions and answers on the WebSMARTT system.