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Form to receive meal accommodations for students with medically necessary diets:

Medical Statement for Special Diet Accommodations

If you have specific nutrition questions or need additional nutrition information, please contact
Lynn Goering, RD at (402) 436-1745.

Tru Moo Flavored Milk - Now GMO Free

Offered in LPS cafeterias, Tru Moo flavored milk proves again, why it's a healthy, beneficial choice.

Has Our Sugar Fixation Gone Too Far?

Sugar is enemy of the hour in the nutrition world. Drastically slashing sugar intake may not be the answer; making moderate cuts is probably a smarter solution in the long run.

Helping Your Kids Eat More Veggies

Working more veggies into your child’s diet can be a challenge. A child’s acceptance for veggies develops at a very early age and may affect their liking of vegetables long term.

Major Nutrients

Here are some facts about major nutrients, including what they contribute to good health and in what foods they are found.

Kids’ packed lunches often fall short of dietary guidelines

Packed lunches that children bring from home are often missing the vegetables, milk and other healthy items recommended by dietary guidelines, says a new study.

Milk: A Nutrient Powerhouse

A look at the nutritional make-up of milk.

Portion Distortion

It’s no secret that portion sizes have more than doubled over the past 20 years. Research is showing that these supersized portions are a contributing factor to excess weight gain.

Rethink Your Drink

For nutrition, other beverages don’t even come close. A comparison shows milk's health benefits over other popular beverages.

Have you found yourself confused as to what “Whole Grains” and “Whole Wheat” really mean?