Golden Sower Readers/Votes!

Golden Sower Quiz


The following Students and Staff read all 10 of the 20-21 Chapter Books!! YAY!! Congrats!

Grade 3~ Aaron R. Ollie P.  Braxton B. Quinn R. and Mia R. 

Grade 4~ Hailey K. Stella H. Addyson M. Gavin J. Jude H. Isaiah B. Sadie K. Paxton W. Landon S. Carson S. Sia Aarthi R. and Eric P.

Grade 5~ Sophia S. Olivia P. Kaylee L. Jacoby S. Isabelle T. Luigi F. Marlee B. and Addison A.

Staff~ Mrs. Oestmann and Mrs. Christen

Favorite 20-21 Golden Sower Picture Books at Maxey and NEBRASKA:


Crash, Splash or Moo-106 Votes at Maxey


This is a TACO-92 Votes at Maxey

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates-90 Votes at Maxey

Additional Votes at Maxey:

The Donkey Egg-57 Votes

Be Kind-36 Votes

Neck and Neck-33 Votes

Thank You, OMU-32 Votes

Grumpy Monkey-26 Votes

Sweety-21 Votes

Got to Get to Bear’s-19 Votes

512 Students Voted at Maxey

Golden Sower Quiz

NEBRASKA’s Favorite 20-21 Golden Sower Chapter Books:


Strongheart: Wonder Dog of the Silver Screen



Max and the Midknights

Favorite 20-21 Golden Sower Chapter Books at Maxey:

Bob-45 Votes

Max and the Midknights-42 Votes

Strongheart-41 Votes

Saving Winslow-18 Votes

Hope in the Holler-16 Votes

Ruby in the Sky/Miscalculations of Lightening Girl-13 Votes

The Next Great Paulie Fink-3 Votes

The Unsung Hero of Birdsong USA-2 Votes

Captain Superlative-1  Vote

194 Students Voted at Maxey

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State Winners will be announced May 1!


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