High School Task Force

The Lincoln Public Schools Board of Education adopted a goal this year to establish a High School Task Force to investigate community options and priorities for serving high school students and to make recommendations by May 1, 2018.

The High School Task Force met monthly. Prior to each meeting, there was an optional tour of one of our excellent high schools to help task force members gain a thorough understanding of what is currently offered for students. Members were encouraged to take advantage of the optional tour prior to the start of each meeting.

Fall 2018 Task Force Forums

  • Monday, Sept. 17, Lux Middle School, 7800 High St.
  • Monday, Sept. 24, Culler Middle School, 5201 Vine St.
  • Monday, Oct. 22, Goodrich Middle School, 4600 Lewis Ave.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 30, Park Middle School, 855 S. 8th St.
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High School Task Force Recommendations

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Key Contacts

Steve Joel, Superintendentsjoel@lps.org | (402) 436-1601
Liz Standish, Assoc. Sup. for Business Affairslstandis@lps.org | (402) 436-1635 
Gloria Eddins, Task Force Co-Chairr_g_eddins@yahoo.com
Bob Rauner, Task Force Co-Chairbrauner@healthylincoln.org
April Douglasadougla@lps.org | (402) 436-1636
  • Abbas Al-Waeli, Community Member/Parent
  • Derek Bartee, Community Member/Parent
  • Rita Bennett, Lincoln Education Association
  • Beth Briney, Teacher
  • Mary Bruning, Community Member/Parent
  • Roger Bruning, Community Member/Parent
  • Eric Buckwalter, Community Member/Parent
  • Melissa Butler, Community Member/Parent
  • Wanda Caffery, Community Member/Parent
  • John Cartier, Community Member/Parent
  • David Cary, Community Member/Parent
  • Sue Cassata, High School Principal
  • Thomas Christie, LPS District Office
  • Colin Clare, Teacher
  • Tatum Custer, High School Student
  • Ayla Duba, Teacher
  • Gloria Eddins, Community Member/Parent
  • Brendan Evans, Community Member/Parent
  • Emily Faubel, Community Member/Parent
  • Pete Ferguson, Community Member/Parent
  • Sarah Fischbein, Teacher
  • Azcia Fleming, High School Student
  • Laura Francisco, High School Student
  • Sarah Freitag, Teacher
  • Jim Frohman, Community Member/Parent
  • Renee Geller, Community Member/Parent
  • Mike Gillotti, High School Principal
  • Kurt Glathar, High School Principal
  • Laura Graulty, Teacher
  • Jeff Gronewold, Community Member/Parent
  • Souham Habib, Community Member/Parent
  • Shaun Harner, Community Member/Parent
  • Rebecca Hiller, Teacher
  • Cory Hoagstrom, Community Member/Parent
  • Karalyn Hoefer, Community Member/Parent
  • Dan Hohensee, High School Principal
  • Pat Hunter-Pirtle, High School Principal
  • Rocio Izaguirre, Middle School Student
  • Steve Joel, LPS Executive Team
  • Ben Kiser, Community Member/Parent
  • Rob Klucas, Community Member/Parent
  • Dave Knudsen, Middle School Principal
  • Mark Larson, High School Principal
  • Mike Masin, Teacher
  • Richard Meginnis, Community Member/Parent
  • Jennifer Meints, Community Member/Parent
  • Marissa Mendez-Santiago, Middle School Student
  • Bill Michener, Community Member/Parent
  • Hannah Miller, High School Student
  • Kali Mills, High School Student
  • Helen Moore, Community Member/Parent
  • Kelly Muthersbaugh, Community Member/Parent
  • John Neal, LPS Executive Team
  • Takako Olson, LPS District Office
  • Shayne Pearson, Community Member/Parent
  • Tanner Penrod, High School Principal
  • Keith Prettyman, Community Member/Parent
  • Vann Price, High School Principal
  • Bob Rauner, Community Member/Parent
  • Savannah Redl, High School Student
  • Cleveland Reeves, Community Member/Parent
  • Nikki Regan, LPS District Office
  • Liz Ring-Carlson, Community Member/Parent
  • Vaughn Robertson, Community Member/Parent
  • Mary Kay Roth, LPS District Office
  • Zein Saleh, Middle School Student
  • Bill Schulenberg, Middle School Principal
  • Jerry Sellentin, Community Member/Parent
  • Emily SoWel, Middle School Student
  • Liz Standish, LPS Executive Team
  • Jane Stavem, LPS Executive Team
  • La’Shaundra Swift, Community Member/Parent
  • Katie Taddeucci, Community Member/Parent
  • Brent Toalson, High School Principal
  • Susan Townsend, Teacher
  • Angelina Tran, High School Student
  • Toan Tran, LPS District Office
  • Lisa Upchurch, Community Member/Parent
  • Wendy Van , LPS District Office
  • Denny Van Horn, Community Member/Parent
  • Eric Weber, LPS Executive Team
  • Megan Weber, Community Member/Parent
  • Catherine Wedin, High School Student
  • Bob White, Teacher
  • Scott Wieskamp, LPS District Office
  • Erik Witt, High School Principal
  • Christa Yoakum, Community Member/Parent
  • Lincoln Zehr, Community Member/Parent
  • Cyrus Zgud, Middle School Student
 Focus Programs/Innovative DeliveryTraditional HS/School SizeCity Growth/Capacity NeedsCommunity/ Student/ Diversity
Co-ChairsBuckwalter, EricEvans, BrendanMeginnis, RichardGeller, Renee
 Reeves, ClevePrettyman, KeithKlucas, RobTran, Angelina
    Bennett, Rita
MembersBartee, DerekAl-Waeli, AbbasBruning, MaryChristie, Thomas
 Briney, BethDuba, AylaButler, MelissaCuster, Tatum
 Bruning, RogerFaubel, EmilyCary, DavidFerguson, Pete
 Caffery, WandaFleming, AzciaCassata, SueFischbein, Sarah
 Cartier, JohnFrohman, JimClare, ColinFreitag, Sarah
 Francisco, LauraGillotti, MikeGlather, KurtHabib, Souham
 Hoagstrom, CoryGraulty, LauraHiller, RebeccaHarner, Shaun
 Hohensee, DanGronewold, JeffHoefer, KaralynLarson, Mark
 Hunter-Pirtle, PatIzaguirre, RocioKiser, BenMasin, Mike
 Meints, JenniferMichener, BillKnudsen, DaveMoore, Helen
 Mendez-Santiago, MarissaMills, KaliRedl, SavannahMuthersbaugh, Kelly
 Miller, HannahOlson, TakakoRobertson, VaughnPearson, Shayne
 Ring-Carlson, LizRegan, NikkiSaleh, ZeinToalson, Brent
 SoWel, EmilySchulenberg, BillSellentin, JerryTownsend, Susan
 Penrod, TannerSwift, La’ShaundraUpchurch, LisaVan, Wendy
 Price, VannTaddeucci, KatieWieskamp, ScottWedin, Catherine
 Van Horn, DennyTran, Toan Yoakum, Christa
 White, BobWeber, Megan Zgud, Cyrus
  Witt, Erik  
  Zehr, Lincoln  
Staff ResourceStavem, JaneWeber, EricStandish, LizNeal, John