Youth Development Team

About the Program

The LPS Youth Development Team (YDT) is a group of diverse LPS Federal Programs staff members who work through a culturally appropriate, Developmental Assets-based model to help students reach their full potential. The YDT is comprised of two Student Advocates for the African American community, two Student Advocates for the Latinx/a/o/Hispanic community, three Native American Student Advocates, one Systems Transition Student Advocate, one LGBTQ+ Student Advocate, one Homeless Coordinator & two Homeless Student Advocates, and a Supervisor.  The YDT interfaces with individual schools, the Student Parent Program, English Language Learner Program, Community Learning Centers, Migrant Education Program, and the greater community including non-profit, business community, post secondary institutions, and human resources.

Youth Development Team Objectives

Chris Schefdore

Supervisor for Youth Development Team and Graduation Pathways Program