Youth Development Team

About the Program

The LPS Youth Development Team (YDT) is a group of diverse LPS Federal Programs staff members who work through a culturally appropriate, Developmental Assets-based model to help students reach their full potential. The YDT is comprised of two Student Advocates for the African American community, two Student Advocates for the Latinx/a/o/Hispanic community, three Native American Student Advocates, one Systems Transition Student Advocate, one LGBTQ+ Student Advocate, one Homeless Coordinator & two Homeless Student Advocates, and a Supervisor.  The YDT interfaces with individual schools, the Student Parent Program, English Language Learner Program, Community Learning Centers, Migrant Education Program, and the greater community including non-profit, business community, post secondary institutions, and human resources.

Youth Development Team Objectives

  • Strengthen student, staff, and administration belief in the ability of targeted students to achieve academic and life success.
  • Ensure student/family awareness of resources and academic as well as life opportunities.
  • Support student and parent access to district and community resources.
  • Advocate for students and their families to ensure “all” equitable opportunities in closing the district and their personal achievement and opportunity gap.

Chris Schefdore

Supervisor for Youth Development Team and Graduation Pathways Program