Community Learning Centers

About the Program

Centers provide educational, recreational, health, and social service programs for residents of all ages within the Center Community. The program activities keep children safe in the after school hours and providing academic enrichment, homework centers and tutors, and a range of cultural, developmental and recreational opportunities. In brief, the Centers offer safe, drug-free, supervised and cost-effective after school, weekend, or summer havens for children, youth and their families.


There is a district level coordinator and multiple site coordinators involved with the following schools: Clinton, Elliott, Pershing, Mickle, Riley, Huntington, Saratoga, Goodrich, West Lincoln, Lefler, Hartley, and Holmes. The Centers are funded by a federal grant. The central administrative office for the program is housed at Family Services. The administrators for the program are LeaAnn Johnson (402-436-1964) and Cathie Petsch (402-436-1965).