Human Anthropometrics: day 19?

June 29

Name of school we are using again today is called El-bokoch Primary School in Illeret, Kenya. Or just outside of Illeret. The school serves the Daasanach community of Watali. (Wha-ta-lee). The school is still in the process of being certified as a public school yet it takes quite a while to get through the paperwork. The program is a nonprofit way to educate the community, especially the girls while still holding fast to their culture.

After lunch we stayed at camp to work on project paperwork, which means lesson planning outlining for me. All while trying to find some shade to work in out of the intense sun. It is a hot one today for sure.

Around 5pm most of us left for the lake to take a swim and enjoy the cool waters. Cool is relative to the air temp here as the lake water was technically warm but felt cold due to to difference in temperatures.

Classroom while kids are on a one week break.
Quick pic of school as we drove away.
Part of Watali
Chalk board with lessons not fully erased.