Day 12-13: Last day before Illeret then travel to Illeret

June 22 – 23, 2022

There is a quiz today that I am unsure of my preparedness. Although I have a dual role here as student and educator developing lesson plans, my role as the student does have me a bit concerned. It has been MANY years since I have studied geology and anatomy/mammalogy. My abilities are being doubted since the temperature here is really high as well as the humidity. Oppressive heat with no wind during lectures, lack of sleep due to heat and sand grinding into every part of the body are not what we would call optimal for learning in the education field. However as educators we know that students come to us with such varied backgrounds and home experiences that it is only fitting (albeit for a limited time frame of 1.5 months) that I experience non-normalcy during my learning. Perspective will be my greatest teacher during this aspect of the field school.

Well the quiz is over and it got an A. However despite the A I still have much to learn.