Day 10 & 11, Koobi Fora research station begins

June 20 – 21, 2022

We only have 2-3 nights here then onto Illerret field work for 2 weeks then another location farther north for a week then back to Koobi Fora base to complete the research analysis. During that time students will be working i their research papers that will be due on the last day at camp (computers provided for students to work in shifts). Chelle and I will be working on our lesson plan outlines along with resource used directly from the field school.

Once back in the States we will finalize about 2 separate lesson plans to test out in the classroom. We will have a few more lesson plans outlined but will work on completing those after classroom testing the completed lessons.

The morning was free for us to explore the lake area and prepare for the next few days of learning here at the school/dining hall. Several lessons over the various projects will occur with a quiz at the end.

We began more lectures the following day. The content is accelerated greatly in which many topics have been condensed to fit our short timeline. However the amount of content has not been reduced too much, making the lectures very information heavy. There are also bone practicals over upper and lower limb bones, spine, teeth, and horn cores. All those bones we have to distinguish between hominin, bovid, equine and Suid. We have a day and a half to memorize them all with lectures over Holocene, geology of Koobi Fora, hominin evolution, human paleo biology and paleobotany. There will be a quiz on Wednesday the 22nd.

Washing clothes in the lake.
Fellow educator sleeping wherever there is shade.
Fresh fish for supper! Tilapia straight from lake Turkana.
Water quality testing equipment to use in the coming days.
Dead boat
Quick swim in lake to cool off. Two teachers from Nebraska in a seriously alkaline lake.
Walking back to the tents.
Big food night. Tilapia, roasted potatoes, corn/masa bread (steamed & dense), medley of watermelon/pineapple/avocado.