Day 8: travel to South Horr for the night

June 18, 2022

We quickly ate breakfast at 5 am then packed out our tents and bags for loading onto the lorry. Once that was finished we walked the camp to pick up any tiny bit of trash left behind.

Once we reach south Horr, we stay for one night only and leave early again for the Koobi Fora Field Research area. During the journey we will go from just above 8,000 feet in elevation to 1100 feet descending into the Rift Valley by day two. This is where the temperature will increase dramatically for highs anywhere between 100-110 F. Our mountain temperatures we have had the past week will be a distant memory.

South Horr

Once in the Rift Valley there is little to no signal so updates may be less frequent.

In the unimog once again. 8 hours of road time or a bit more.
Closing up camp in Mpala
My. Kenya

Pictures of travel below

Lunch on the road side

Supper was at 9pm since the travel here was very long and on some difficult terrain. Tomorrow is supposed to be even more challenging roads and a greater amount of dust. This is the part of the journey in which reaching the field sites must be done by 4 wheel drive vehicles and skilled drivers. Also the temperature will increase greatly. We were told “you will never cool off until July 31 when headed back home”.

Sounds like field work!