Day 5: Mpala ranch; more field practice and another animal survey in afternoon.

June 15, 2022

Update on luggage situation. I have yet to receive my luggage and have been informed it arrives today at the ranch. If is supposed to arrive tonight/late evening. Hopefully it arrives. So far I have been living with two outfits, a borrowed tent and sleeping bag, and relying on others for sunscreen or a snack. This is not ideal so hopefully my luggage arrives today since we leave for the northern areas tomorrow.

The morning consisted of field work using GPS units and the Universal Transverse Mercator to map out a glade, an area indicative of early human activity. We found stone tools, bone fragments, obsidian, teeth, and pottery. This activity eventually uses GIS to help map out visually the data and layer various forms of data into a singular map representation of a chosen site. For practice we went old school and drew everything by hand. See image of some of the work.