Stock Market Challenge hosted by Junior Achievement of Lincoln


The floor was packed, the trades were many, and the money counted in the millions.

It was all part of the local Stock Market Challenge hosted by Junior Achievement of Lincoln. Dozens of high school students from Lincoln High, North Star, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and The Career Academy went all in on IPOs, dividends, and bulls and bears.  Over seventy-four teams from various communities were involved.

Teachers loved to hear the students discussing the market using terms and strategies they have studied in class. But they also appreciated the experience to simulate real-world activity.

Students raved about the intensity and excitement in this simulation, where 90 seconds of real life equaled one day of trading.

Stock tips were available for those who asked, and news and market reports were announced every minute. Students had eyes on emerging companies, slumping stocks, and the running scoreboard, showing everyone where they stood in net worth and cash on hand.

It was an engaging and creative way to re-inforce what’s happening in the classroom, and the bell eventually rang, closing the enthusiasm market at an all-time high.

Top team finishes:

Group A – 1. Lincoln Southwest, 2. Lincoln Southwest

Group B – 1. Southwest