LPS Culinary Conference

Over 100 LPS students from all six high schools and TCA participated in the 11th annual LPS Culinary Conference. Six events were held this year with the following medals/places being awarded:

Team Entrée Preparation: 1st – NorthStar (Ashley Kistaitis, Rachelle Placios Echeverria)

2nd – TCA2 (Jonha Pillow, Moses Sorilla, Shaelee Luebbe) 3rd – TCA3 (Hope Smith, Zoe Hamilton, Ryley Schuerman)

Knife Skills: 1st – Taylor Blok-Soflin (LSE) 2nd – Jonha Pillow (TCA) 3rd – Mette Hummel (LSE)

Tapas: 1st – Paulina Sundelius (SW) 2nd – Gabriella Rodriguez (SW) 3rd – Emma Gasper (LHS)

Garnishes: 1st – Savea Villalobos (LE) 2nd – Adriane Calafore (LSE) 3rd – Ben Restau (LSE)

Fruit/Vegetable Carving: 1st – Leslie Turner (LSE)   2nd – Keithan Bryant (LSE)   3rd – Morgan Strodtman (LSE)

Scratch Dessert: 1st – Tressa Wagner (SW) 2nd – Gabriela Rodriguez (SW) 3rd– Madeline Maschka

Leadership Awards: Emma Gasper (LHS), Kristen Hohbach (East), Abigail TerMaat (LNE), Hanah Varenhorst-Johnson (LSE), Ashley Kisastis (LNS), Hailey Bax (LSW), Jonha Pillow (TCA)

 Entree pic 15