Peru State College Competition FBLA Results

FBLA students from Lincoln High, North Star, Northeast, Southeast, & Southwest high schools all traveled down to compete in the 42nd Annual Business Competition at Peru State College.  Over 300 students were in attendance at this year’s event.  This is the second consecutive year that LPS has traveled down to Peru for this competition.  Nine students from LPS were recognized on stage for placing in the top five in their respective events.  Congratulations go out to the following students:

First Name Last Name School Competition Name Place
Ellyn McCarter LSE Accounting 3rd
Brandon Warren LSE Business Communications 1st
Jae Hyun Lim LSW Business Math 4th
Brandon Warren LSE Computer Concepts 1st
Annie Hua LSE Economics 2nd
Jacob Shiers LSW Economics 3rd
Rawson Ngoh LHS Economics 4th
Billy Baker LSE Entrepreneurship 3rd
Jae Hyun Lim LSW Intro to Business 3rd
Bre Johnson LSE Keyboarding I (Skills) 3rd
Serina Nakagawa LSW Keyboarding I (Skills) 4th
Jacob Shiers LSW Personal Finance 3rd