3rd Annual LPS Food Blitz

For the third year in a row Lincoln Southwest FBLA organized a city-wide food drive known as the “Food Blitz”. Members from six FBLA chapters, two DECA chapters, and one FCCLA chapter worked together to collect food at a total of eight different supermarket locations. This year the clubs combined to bring in over 3,000 lbs of food in just four hours of time! The food that was collected was donated to People’s City Mission and the Lincoln Food Bank. We want to thank our business partners at B&R Stores, Inc. and the Southwest Lincoln Walmart for letting us collect outside of their stores.

Student/Team Results:

Southwest FBLA Super Saver Pine Lake 1,082
Southeast DECA Super Saver 56th & Hwy 2 Unknown
Southeast FBLA Russ’s 33rd & Hwy 2 525
East FBLA Russ’s 70th & Van Dorn 197
EFP FBLA Super Saver 48th & Van Dorn 140
Northeast FBLA Russ’s Havelock 219
North Star FBLA Super Saver Fallbrook 255
Southwest DECA & SW FCCLA Southwest Lincoln Walmart 591