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Google Calendar as a Planner for Students


General Information

  • Teachers notoriously have to remind students to write in their planners.  Having a digital version of the planner does not change that.  🙂
  • Instead of a teacher asking a student to flip open their paper planner to see if they have or haven’t added information, teachers will instead ask students to open their  Google Calendar app
  • Students in LPS Middle and High Schools can access Google Calendar via the LPS Portal
  • The Google Calendar app is also available in the Chromebook’s App Launcher

Student adding an event to their Google Calendar:

  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. Click any place on the calendar that doesn’t already have an event scheduled.
  3. Enter your event name.
  4. Click Create event. To edit the details for your event, click Edit event instead.

Teachers adding events to class calendars that students can see:

  • Google Classroom makes a calendar for every classroom course a teacher creates which can be viewed fully within Classroom, or in Google Calendar.
  • Students cannot write to the class calendars at all. They are only viewers.
  • Note that calendars are ‘turned on’ by default for students, so the students will see anything that a teacher puts on the class calendar without doing anything special.
  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. Click any place on the calendar that doesn’t already have an event scheduled.
  3. Enter your event name. [Example: Study for Unit 1 Quiz]
  4. Choose the calendar where you want to add the event from the “Calendar” dropdown menu – Event should correspond to class selected.
  5. Click Create event. To edit the details for your event, click Edit event instead.

Cleaning up the calendars from last term:

Google_Calendar_Long_ListOver time, a teacher’s and student’s calendar list may become very long and messy. You can easily clean up what is seen by following these steps:

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. Select Settings from the gear icon on the right side of the screen
  3. Select Calendars from the top
  4. Uncheck the box to the right of any calendar ending in 1516 or the last term’s year. **Do not unsubscribe.


Common Questions

Q: What Google Classroom things show on calendar?
A: Anything with a due date: Assignments and Questions.  Announcements are not added to the calendar.

Q: Can you add reminders/tasks for students?
A: No, just events.

Q: Can you add an event to multiple calendars?
A: The best way is to edit the original event and use the ‘More Actions’ dropdown to copy the event to another calendar.

Q: Can Assignments show up from my Synergy Grade Book on the student’s Google Calendar?
A: No. Synergy has no ‘awareness’ of the Google Calendars. Those calendars are created because you have a schedule, but Synergy can not ‘send things to it’.

Q: Can calendars be renamed by the teacher?
A: Yes, by going into the calendar’s settings.  Just be sure to include the current school year in the title [Example: 9th Grade English 2016-17]

Q: Can Google calendars be accessed on a phone or iPad?
A: Yes, on non-shared devices.

Q: Can students access Google Calendars without an internet connection?
A: Yes, but Offline mode must be enabled. Reminders and Tasks are not available offline, and class calendars must be configured by the student to be available offline.

Is Zimbra going away?
A: No. Calendar event information between LPS staff members should still occur on Zimbra