RSS in Zimbra

One of the lesser known features of Zimbra is the ability for it to subscribe to the RSS feed of a website right in your inbox.

VIDEO: Subscribing to RSS Feeds in Zimbra


HOW-TO: Subscribing to RSS Feeds in Zimbra

  1. Copy the address (URL) of the RSS feed you wish to add to Zimbra. To do this you can either:
    • Right-click on the RSS feed icon or the feed link and choose “Copy Link Location“, or
    • Click on the icon or feed link and copy the text in the web browser’s location field (the URL)
  2. Log into your LPS Zimbra account.
  3. zimbra new folderIn the Folders pane of your email, click the gear icon (found at the top of the left column).
  4. In the Name field, type the name you wish to give to this RSS feed folder.
  5. Check the “Subscribe to RSS/ATOM feed” checkbox.
  6. In the URL field, paste the URL for the RSS feed that you copied a moment ago.
  7. From the folder menu select where to add the RSS feed folder within your Zimbra account. Choosing the root folder creates a folder that displays at the highest level in your folder view, that is the same level as your Inbox folder.
  8. Click OK.

The RSS feed icon displays as the folder in your Overview pane. Open the RSS folder to access the link.

Your RSS data feed is automatically updated every 12 hours. To update the content at any time, open the RSS folder and click Load Feed.

Useful LPS Source Feeds

  • LPS News:
  • Any School Site: (the URL of the school website with /feed/ added at the end)
    for example: