Calendars: Zimbra Mobile View of All Calendars

“Power” calendar users in LPS often rely upon the built-in applications on mobile devices for access to Zimbra calendars on the go. Many have lamented, however, that the sync only covers personal calendars. Administrators and coordinators often need access to various building calendars that don’t sync.

For a less elegant but very functional solution, add a bookmark/shortcut for the mobile web view of Zimbra calendar to your device’s home screen.

The steps for doing this are covered in the steps & videos below.

Adding Bookmarks to your Home Screen – Step By Step

  1. Open the web browser on your mobile device.
  2. Visit
    • Your mobile device should automatically offer “Mobile” from the drop down menu below the username and password fields. If not, you can choose it yourself.
  3. Bookmark/Shortcut this Zimbra login page to your device’s home screen:
    • iPod/iPhone/iPad: Click the arrow at the top of the screen and select “Add to Home Screen”
    • Android v2/3: Touch the bookmark icon at the top of the screen and choose “Add.” Return to your device’s home screen. Find an empty spot and do a long press.  Choose “Shortcut” then “Bookmarks” then touch the Zimbra bookmark you saved a moment ago to select it.
    • Android v4: From the Action Overflow Button (…) choose “Save to Bookmarks”. When labeling the bookmark choose “Add to: Home Screen”

A shortcut/bookmark to the mobile view of Zimbra should now appear on your home screen for quick access.

Be Secure! You will need to login every time you access mobile Zimbra. If you choose to have your device automatically log you in, please be certain that you have a PIN number set up on your device lock screen to prevent unwanted access to your Zimbra email should you ever lose control of your device. Instructions for this can be found here.

Adding Bookmarks to your Home Screen – Apple iOS


 Adding Bookmarks to your Home Screen – Android 4