Saved Search – Show Messages from Only

Our email boxes are filled with messages from our colleagues at LPS and from a lot of other people outside of LPS.  The messages that come from non-LPS addresses are sometimes extra ‘noise’ that we would like to turn off on occasion.

Zimbra has a feature called ‘Saved Searches‘ where you can set it up so that you can quickly view the messages in your Inbox that are from other LPS employees only.

Follow the steps below to set up a Saved Search for messages in your Zimbra Inbox that come from other accounts:

  1. Log in to Zimbra
  2. Click the magnifying glass in the Search box toward the top of your screen
  3. Click the Folder… button and select Inbox
  4. Click Received from… > Domain
  5. Click the arrow next to the text box to select from the list of domains
  6. Click the Save button found in the upper right corner
  7. Name the Saved search ‘Inbox –‘ (or something similar)
    save search
  8. Click the X to close the search tab
    Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 12.56.32 PM

To see how this works all together:

  1. Click your mouse on the Inbox in the upper-left corner of your screen
  2. Use the scroll bar to move beneath your list of mail folders to the section called Searches.
  3. Click the Saved Search called Inbox – @LPS
    Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 1.00.37 PM

From now on, you can easily select either your full Inbox or just the messages from search.

Click here to see a video of this process – no audio is provided.