Important information about Remote Learning for families

We have a lot of important instructions to share with you as we move into Phase Two of Remote Learning on April 6. The information provided below will help you assist your child. Please read through it in its entirety and then contact your school with any follow-up questions.

Just a reminder Lincoln Public Schools will continue with Remote Learning for the remainder of the school year. The last day of instruction for students is May 21. While our students will not be in our school buildings during this time, learning will continue. It is vital that students remain engaged during Remote Learning so they are not behind when we do return to school.

Helpful information for all families and students related to LPS Remote Learning can be found by using a web browser to access

K–12: LPS Portal, Google Classroom and Zoom

Important tools to assist students as they access Remote Learning materials

  • LPS Portal ( Students in grades K–12 will access many resources through the LPS Portal. A student ID and password are required. If your child does not know their ID or password, they will need to contact their school.
  • MyVRSpot: Video content provided by teachers and librarians will be inside a tool called MyVRSpot located in the LPS Portal. The first thing students should do each day is log into MyVRSpot through the LPS Portal. Those instructions can be found here.
  • Google Classroom: The most frequently used application for K – 12 students in the portal will be Google Classroom. This is where each student will access information from their teachers.
  • Zoom: For students in grades 2 – 12 that are assigned an LPS Chromebook, follow the instructions below when invited to a teacher’s Zoom meeting or help session. Students might be asked to meet in small groups, or as a whole class. Your child’s teacher will provide a meeting number or link either through email or in the Google Classroom.

* For K-1 students, a personal device will need to be used if your child’s teacher provides you with an optional meeting invitation.

To Join a Teacher's Zoom Meeting with a Meeting number

  1. Students should go to the LPS Portal. (
  2. Find and click on Zoom.
  3. Enter the meeting code/number provided by your teacher (ex. XXX-XXX-XXXX).
  4. Click Join.
  5. The Zoom app will open on the LPS Chromebook.
  6. Students should type their real name.
  7. Click Join.

More information (and a video) about Zoom can be found here.

Elementary Students — New Lessons April 6

Specifics of remote learning for Reading, Math, and English Language Learners (ELL)

  • Each week students will receive two new lessons for Reading and Math. Each lesson includes an introduction from the classroom teacher, a new lesson video and recommended practice so students can practice new learning related to the video.
  • Families with K-1 students will receive information from their teacher through email.
  • Families with grades 2-5 students will receive information from their teacher through Google Classroom.
  • There will be weekly instruction in Computer Science, Art, Music, PE (CAMP) courses.

Several options for viewing the pre-recorded video lessons for elementary students

  • On-demand: or LNKTV website
  • Broadcast on LNKTV Education cable channel:
    • LNKTV website
    • Allo: channel 23
    • Charter Spectrum: channel 1303
    • Windstream Kinetic: channel 1080

The lessons will follow the below schedule each week

Time Mon. & Wed. Tues. & Thurs. Fri.
Kindergarten Reading & Phonological Awareness
Kindergarten Math
K - 2 Computer, Art, Music, PE (CAMP)
1st Grade Reading & Phonological Awareness
1st Grade Math
3 - 5 Computer, Art, Music, PE (CAMP)
2nd Grade Reading & English Language Learners (ELL)
2nd Grade Math
ELL Level 1
3rd Grade Reading & ELL
3rd Grade Math
ELL Level 1 (repeat)
4th Grade Reading & ELL
4th Grade Math
Kindergarten Reading & Phonological Awareness (repeat)
5th Grade Reading & ELL
5th Grade Math
K - 2 CAMP (repeat)
ELL Level 1
ELL Level 1
3 - 5 CAMP (repeat)

The video lessons will then repeat from 4 – 10pm on LNKTV using the same schedule each day.

The full tv guide for video lessons can be found here.

Elementary Students — Grades

During the fourth quarter the emphasis for elementary students will be on student learning. We understand that grades can assist in motivating students, but our focus will be on the growth of the child and not the assignment of grades. Our priority is to ensure that elementary students have an opportunity to review lessons previously learned, be introduced to new content, and prepare them for next school year.

The implementation of Remote Learning with K–5 students makes traditional methods of assessing student learning and assigning grades challenging. It is difficult to know the degree to which students are independently completing tasks. In addition, not all families have reliable internet access. This limits student attendance, engagement in remote learning, and the student’s ability to return work to their teacher.

We expect teachers to check work for student understanding, to provide specific feedback to students, to affirm student work, and to clarify student misconceptions. Teachers will strive to anticipate questions students might have and give additional help through their Google Classrooms. These are the same expectations for when elementary students are learning in their physical classrooms.

These guidelines also apply to any supplementary learning tasks provided by the classroom teacher.

Middle and High School Students — New Lessons April 6

All middle and high school students will receive new lessons and information from their teachers through Google Classroom and email. It is important that students log in daily. Please follow the instructions given above in the K–12: LPS Portal, Google Classroom and Zoom section.

Special Education Supports and Learning Activities

Special Education supports and learning activities will begin April 6. Learning activities can be found on the Remote Learning site or on your child’s Google Classroom located in the Special Education Teacher’s folder. Families, you will be contacted by your case manager during the week of April 6. During that time, your case manager will work with you to schedule future meetings, correspondence and frequency. If you need materials printed, let your case manager know during your initial meeting. New materials will be released April 20.

Remote Learning Code of Conduct

We understand this is a time of stress and anxiety for many people and families are encouraged to continue to monitor technology and devices used by their children. During this time of Remote Learning, we will continue to follow the use of technology guidelines as outlined on page 33 and 34 of the Important Information Handbook.

As a reminder, the Important Information Handbook includes:

  • Technology resources include, without limitation: computing devices and related technology equipment, all forms of LPS E-mail or electronic communication, all files stored in the LPS private and public cloud.
  • Students must demonstrate appropriate caution and responsibility when using them, as acknowledged in a Responsible Use Agreement (RUA) agreed to when signing into the Chromebook via the LPS portal or, in the case of elementary students, when the student begins her/his school year.
  • Lincoln Public Schools has complete authority to regulate all LPS computing device use and LPS computing device users.
  • No LPS computing device use shall be permitted for purposes that are contrary to the mission of Lincoln Public Schools.
  • Response to inappropriate behavior related to computing device use will be consistent with standard LPS disciplinary practices.

Additional tips for families can be found on our LPS Digital Citizenship page – Key Concepts around Etiquette and Respect.

Parents Meeting with LPS Staff Over Zoom

LPS staff members may offer to meet with families over Zoom. When this happens, staff will email a link to a Zoom meeting (ex: Families will then select the link from a computer or mobile device. In the case of a mobile device, the Zoom application may need to be downloaded from the corresponding Android or Apple app store.

Contacting Us

We know you will continue to have questions or concerns. You are invited to contact us through our website by clicking on the blue “Contact Us” button, or by calling your child’s school. During this time of Pandemic Closure, our staff will do our best to respond in a timely manner.