Weekly update 3/22/2020

Lincoln Public Schools families,

Just a reminder, LPS has canceled all student classes and activities in our schools from March 22 until further notice. In an effort to streamline our information for you, we are moving toward a Sunday weekly update from the school district. You will continue to receive additional emails from your school and teachers during the week, and we will provide updates when it becomes available. We will also post information on our website, lps.org. If you have any questions or concerns, please use the blue “Contact Us” button on our website.

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Remote Learning begins Monday, March 23

Beginning Monday, March 23, and continuing for two weeks through April 3, we are beginning remote learning. Students will have access to review learning opportunities on the LPS Remote Learning Site (lps.org/remote). All review work is optional for students, and will not be graded by teachers. Click here for more information about remote learning for all grade levels.

NOTE: Special Education materials will be available beginning April 6.


Resources from our school libraries

Also available starting March 23, LPS Library Services will be publishing its Daily Learning Challenges. This page will offer fun, optional activities to help parents keep their kids reading, writing and creating while out of school. New activities will be published every day for students in Early Childhood, K-2, and 3-5. There will also be weekly learning challenges for middle and high school students. Check it out!


Internet service providers in Lincoln

There are a number of internet service providers in Lincoln. The three providers that contacted Lincoln Public Schools to apprise us of special offers or considerations for families of Lincoln Public Schools students are Allo Communications–Imperial, NE; Spectrum–Stamford, CT; and Windstream–Little Rock, AK. For more information, please visit our website.


Food distribution

From Lincoln Public Schools Nutrition Services

In an effort to limit the amount of person-to-person contact time in our community, we are moving to a weekly grab-and-go lunch/breakfast schedule from Nutrition Services. Every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (or while supplies last) each child will receive five breakfasts and five lunch meals.

Weekly meal distribution will continue to be distributed weekly at these eight sites:

  • Belmont Elementary School – Door 8 (3425 North 14th St.)
  • Arnold Elementary School – Door 10 (5000 Mike Scholl Street)
  • Hartley Elementary School – Door 8 (730 North 33rd St.)
  • Calvert Elementary School – Door 7 (3709 S. 46th St.)
  • Clinton Elementary – Door 3 (1520 N. 29th St.)
  • Park Middle School – Door 5 (855 South 8th St.)
  • Northeast High School – Door 35 (2635 North 63rd St.)
  • Lincoln High School – Door 44 (2229 J Street)

Children 18 and younger are eligible for meals. The child does not need to be an LPS student. Meals are also available to persons with disabilities, ages 18 to 21, who participate in LPS programs. Children are no longer required to be present when picking up meals.

From the Food Bank of Lincoln

ALL Schools with LPS BackPack Program and Food Markets
The Food Bank of Lincoln remains committed to feeding children and families. To ensure food distribution sustainability and help as many people as they can for as long as they can, the Food Bank of Lincoln will temporarily halt all BackPack Program activity and School Food Markets. However, during the week of March 23-27, any family is welcome to pick up pre-packaged bags of food at these locations:

  • Wednesday, March 25: Lincoln High School, 3-3:45 p.m.
  • Thursday, March 26: Northeast High School, 3-3:45 p.m.
  • Friday, March 27: Everett Elementary, 3-3:30 p.m.

Each week the Food Bank of Lincoln will announce locations, dates and times of future distribution at schools.

For more information about accessing the Lincoln Food Bank other distribution locations visit their website.


MySchool Bucks (account reminder)

Families with MySchoolBucks lunch accounts who have autopay set-up to make automatic payments will need to disable this feature in their online payment account if you do not wish to continue payments at this time. Instructions can be found at the top of the page when logging into your account in a web browser, either on your phone or computer.

NOTE: The phone app does not display autopay details. You will need to use a web browser to visit MySchoolBucks.com.


Foundation for LPS accepting COVID-19 emergency assistance request

The Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools is now accepting requests for emergency assistance from LPS students and their families affected by COVID-19.

Families of LPS students in need may request funds to help with:

  • Childcare
  • Medical Costs
  • Rent or Housing Costs
  • Utilities
  • Other emergencies as necessary

The form for assistance is available at FoundationforLPS.org. After the online application is submitted, the request will be reviewed. If approved, payments will be made directly to the payee (i.e., the childcare provider, landlord, utility company, etc.) within 3-5 days of approval.

Click here for more information.


MyLNK app

The MyLNK app provides a free, one-stop guide of resources in Lincoln for people in need. This app makes it easy for families, case managers and agencies to learn about, connect, and utilize services. MyLNK works without a data plan or Wi-Fi. It is available to download for both Android and Apple phones. Click here for more information.


Kindergarten assessments

At this time we are postponing all registration for kindergarten assessment for the 2020-2021 school year until further notice


New student registrations

New students looking to enroll with Lincoln Public Schools should begin by going to lps.org and click on the red button “Enroll your student for school.” After completing the online application the school of attendance will contact you regarding next steps. If you are unable to register online please call 402-436-1688 for assistance.


Helping children handle the stress

Watching news reports, spending time on social media and listening to people discuss their fears about COVID-19 can cause people to feel anxious. This is a particular concern for young people, who may not fully understand or have context for the information they are receiving.

It is important to remember that children look to trusted adults for how to respond in stressful situations. Adults who remain calm, share factual information and provide answers that are developmentally appropriate can help young people remain calm.

Click here for key talking points.