COVID-19 Information for LPS Staff

Lincoln Public Schools staff is working collaboratively with the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department (LLCHD) to develop plans for
school operations. Staff gathers information from various sources and draft plans for discussion with LLCHD topic by topic (i.e. health
protocols related to hygiene, instructional delivery model, cafeteria operations, etc.). The joint team meets routinely and communicates
constantly by sharing documents, questions and clarifications in between meetings. LLCHD gives feedback and LPS adjusted plans
throughout the process. This work will be ongoing as new research emerges and LLCHD has further guidance to provide the district.

LPS staff can access all of the Pandemic planning documents. Please sign on to your LPS Google account for access. If you need assistance, please contact the LPS Help Desk at 402-436-1735 or by clicking here.