LPS has an interest in eSports and is well aware of its popularity in high schools, colleges, and the professional level. In the 2017-18 school year, LPS sponsored an eSports team at The Career Academy. The decision was made at that time to limit games to those rated “E” for Everyone. We are aware this greatly limits the types of games open to students, and also know that the most popular games that can lead to possible scholarships, competitive tournaments, etc. are those rated “T” for Teen. This rating decision is currently under review by LPS. LPS will never allow games rated “M” for Mature. If the decision is made to expand eSports in LPS (in particular with games rated “T”), parents/guardians will be made fully aware of the content of those games and will need to give their permission prior to their student participating on a team. Feel free to reach out to Dr. Kent Steen, Curriculum Specialist for Computer Science, at if you would like to visit more about eSports in LPS.

 LPS participates in the High School eSports League (HSEL) 

Possible games under review

League of Legends – ESRB – T

Heroes of the Storm – ESRB – T – Heroes Global Championship (HGC)

Overwatch – ESRB – T – Overwatch League video and website

Hearthstone – ESRB – T

Rocket League – ESRB – E (accepted in 2017-18)


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