Distribution information to Lincoln Public Schools students

Changes to distribution of materials due to COVID-19:

Based on recommendations from the health department, we are temporarily suspending outside organization distribution of flyers in the take home folders. There are two other options to help share your information with LPS families:

  • Community News – non-profits can purchase ads in our publication. This will be the only thing distributed to elementary students each month in addition to school information. The link to Community News will also be emailed out to all LPS families.
  • Outside organizations can request Student Directory information from Student Services and use their resources to contact families about their events.


Lincoln Public Schools will cooperate – to a reasonable extent – for community, nonprofit organizations to distribute information about enrichment opportunities available to students.

Information from outside organizations must have approval before distribution to LPS students. Rules and regulations for distribution approval of these materials are designated in LPS policy approved by the Lincoln Board of Education.

Regulations include the following:

  • Non-profit, youth-serving organizations are permitted to distribute flyers, brochures and posters promoting events for youth. They are only allowed to distribute to a limited number of schools (3) per semester.
  • Profit organizations are not permitted to distribute information directly to our students. This includes advertising, coupons, contests and other materials. Exceptions can be made when LPS instructional leaders and curriculum specialists determine information has instructional value for a classroom’s learning and teaching environment.
  • Materials with political or religious content will not be approved for distribution, nor will materials containing art or composition which is in bad taste or otherwise inappropriate for distribution to students.
  • Any flyer from an outside organization must include the following somewhere on the flyer: “This is not sponsored or endorsed by Lincoln Public Schools.”

Organizations must call Communications Services at 436-1610 to obtain permission to distribute information in LPS. A copy of the materials to be distributed will be reviewed by LPS Communications staff and, if approved, a copy must remain on file in the Communications office.

Non-profit, youth-serving organizations that want to distribute information to all elementary or middle school students are encouraged to purchase space in Community News, a non-profit publication created by LPS for distribution to all elementary and middle school students.  No commercial advertising is included in this publication.

Call 436-1610 for more information. 


Mindy Burbach
Director of Communications
mburbach@lps.org | 402-436-1609

P.O. Box 82889
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501