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If you post photos of your students to a social media account, you should read this

Remember that time … when a friend of yours posted a work photo onto their personal Facebook account, and tagged you – and it wasn’t a great photo – and dozens of people liked it before you even saw it? It’s not all that dissimilar from the viewpoint of some students. LPS Communications strongly recommends […]

A few tips for social media users …

Remember that we in Lincoln Public Schools are sometimes held to a higher standard. This means we need to be extra careful when we share information online. This doesn’t mean don’t tweet, but it is helpful to remember a few things before pushing publish: Stay positive. Don’t be unnecessarily critical. Being upset that an airline […]

Welcome to 2014!

Sometime during the 2013-2014 winter break, the LPS web site will be transitioning from the current format, which it has maintained since 2007. The new design brings many advantages over the old and will better enable us to utilize our website as a communication tool in the coming years.

When in doubt, call the school

The best way to get the fastest, most accurate answer … is to call your school. There are so many ways to get in touch with us at Lincoln Public Schools. But not all of them have the same effectiveness. If you need an immediate answer, do not use social media. Facebook: While we try […]

Top Facebook ‘Views’

These are the Facebook Updates that have drawn the most eyeballs, with No. 1 being the most recent. 1. Squashing the ‘yoga pants ban’ rumor – 12,508 viewers 2. Response from Supt. Steve Joel regarding Newtown school shooting – 11,670 3. Video of four sets of triplets in LSE freshman class – 10,742 4. Lincoln […]

Snow day social

The twitter reply read: the tweet is mightier than the text alert. #andfastertoo That short message may be the most perfect summation of how snow day news now spreads with today’s high school students (and their parents, too). On the evening of Dec. 19 – when I received word that we were calling a snow […]

Following LPS high school athletics on Twitter

All six high school athletic departments in Lincoln Public Schools have a Twitter account. EastSpartans – Lincoln East lnsathletics – Lincoln North Star lswathletics – Lincoln Southwest LSEAthletics – Lincoln Southeast RocketAthletics – Lincoln Northeast LinksAthletics – Lincoln High There is also the general LPS Athletics Twitter account. For those who want to track all of them easily, you can follow […]

What do we retweet?

How do we decide to retweet? We’ve internally debated this topic a few times. If we believed that Tweeters (the public) don’t take an RT to mean we approve of the information forthcoming, we would probably RT more. However, some believe, and perhaps rightly so, a RT is an affirmation that we absolutely believe and […]


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