Lincoln Public Schools Hot Topics: Nov. 19, 2018

  1. LPS celebrates Veterans Day throughout our community – For more information: Jaci Kellison,

Lincoln Public Schools staff members and students celebrated Veterans Day throughout our community with parades, guest speakers, patriotic music, special guests and more.  Our stories, photos and video are located at:

2. Middle school resource officers join our ranks – For more information: Russ Uhing,

Lincoln Police Officer Kathryn Meade had her first day of school in mid-November.  She even had her husband take the customary first-day-of-school photo in front of their house. “He thought I was crazy,” she said.

Meade is one of six new school resource officers who had their first day with Lincoln Public Schools on Nov. 15. Each of them will split his or her time between two of the 12 LPS middle schools.  Meade’s first day was at Scott – and it was a great first day. It didn’t hurt that she brought a bag full of Tootsie Rolls that she handed out to students during passing time – the perfect ice-breaker.   “And I’ve already had students teach me four new dance moves,” she said.

The middle school resource officers are the result of an expanded partnership between LPS and the city of Lincoln. It’s a partnership that also includes additional mental health services for students, and resources for Lincoln’s Community Learning Centers.

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3. Property purchases and deals approved – For more information: Liz Standish at

The Lincoln Board of Education has approved two land purchases that involve property in Lincoln that could serve as potential future elementary school sites for Lincoln Public Schools.

“Our school district has a legacy of planning ahead and making wise decisions about land purchases well in advance of when they are needed,” said Liz Standish, associate superintendent for Business Affairs at LPS.  “We own property throughout this growing community, so we will be well prepared when we set our new facility priorities into the future.”

  • Land purchase:The Board approved a $1.5 million purchase of real estate, potentially suitable as an elementary site, generally located south of Rokeby Road between 70th and 84th  The land is currently owned by Rokeby Holdings, Ltd.   The purchase calls for payment of $1.5 million – plus additional development costs.
  • Land exchange:In order to better utilize and develop the Wilderness Hills Area, the Board agreed to exchange portions of LPS property with property owned by Lincoln Federal Bancorp Inc. – through what is called a Land Exchange Agreement.  The exchange will leave LPS with a 17.7-acre land parcel in Wilderness Hills – a potential elementary school site – located between 27th and 40th streets, and Yankee Hill and Rokeby Road.

4. Sweet story – For more information: Mindy Burbach at

One of our most popular videos at LPS – is about a custodian and a young lad at Randolph Elementary School,

5. Kathy Danek receives prestigious award – For more information: Steve Joel at

Lincoln Board of Education Vice President Kathy Danek received the prestigious Ann Mactier Leadership for Learning Award recently during a ceremony at the Nebraska Association of School Boards conference in LaVista.  The Nebraska Association of School Boards and the Nebraska State Board of Education jointly sponsor this award that recognizes local school board members for their policy leadership and contributions to curriculum and instruction in Nebraska public schools.

Danek has served on the Board of Education since 2001, representing District 1 in northeast Lincoln, and her service includes four terms as president of the board – as well as serving as president of the state association.  Board member Lanny Boswell officially nominated Danek, with support from Board President Connie Duncan, “In gratitude for her long and faithful service to Nebraska public education.”  Boswell stated: “Kathy’s policy leadership and contributions to curriculum and instruction in Lincoln and Nebraska have significantly and positively impacted the learning of thousands of students.” More at:

6. Formal ceremony for Scottish Rite winner – For more information: Eric Weber,

Every fall Lincoln Public Schools gathers together and officially honors the latest winner of the Scottish Rite Distinguished Teacher of the Year, and last week the school district formally recognized Terry Abrahams, longtime English teacher at Lincoln Southwest High School.

Abrahams was first honored as the 2018 Scottish Rite Distinguished Teacher of the Year during a surprise ceremony at the school last spring, but Friday her portrait was officially added to the Scottish Rite photo gallery at LPS District Office – and Abrahams was presented with an official portrait.   Abrahams taught 14 years at Lincoln Northeast High School before joining Southwest 15 years ago. At Southwest, Abrahams serves as department chair and has taught everything from English 11, for students who struggle with literacy, to AP Literature. In all, she’s dedicated 40 years of her life to teaching. Go to:  ttps://