Hot Topics, August 20, 2018

  1. First Day

Thank you for the rockin’ first day of classes for Lincoln Public Schools: Monday, August 13.   Check out all of the awesome photos and videos on our website:

2. New level of safety and security at LPS   For more information: Liz Standish,

As the new school year started, the Lincoln Board of Education heard highlights of the next level of safety and security at LPS for 2018-19, expanding the school district’s capacity in communication, training and preparedness.

LPS continues to recognize safety as a top priority for students, moving to the next level of safety and security planning at LPS:

  • Developing additional training materials and resources for safety in our schools.
  • Providing consistent family updates on emergency drills.
  • Adding additional resources for mental health.
  • Looking to welcome six new School Resource Officers who will serve our middle schools beginning in January.
  • Partnering with a new threat assessment officer at the Lincoln Police Department, who will work closely with our LPS security officials (also trained in threat assessment).
  • Adding a new security coordinator at LPS

A school-based group of LPS educators came together this summer to plan and develop additional training materials and resources for safety in our schools.  This school year LPS has built on best practices for Standard Response Protocol to provide greater detail and clarity, ensuring that common language, procedures and expectations are shared with students, families and educators. For more information about security resources, go to:

3. Public hearing, first reading, 2018-19 LPS budget   For more information: Liz Standish,

The Lincoln Board of Education held a public hearing on Tuesday, August 14, and heard first reading of the proposed budget for 2018-19, which includes an overall one and one-half cent reduction in the property tax levy.

The proposed budget includes:

  • Significant investments in safety and security measures.
  • Staffing and programming increases to support substantial student growth (4,400 more students in past five years).

Additional budget info: In the past five years LPS has grown 4,400 students – as well as growing in complexity of needs – while the tax levy has been reduced by two cents ($1.22 this year compared to $1.24 in 2013).   LPS has a solid process for budget development with a continued focus on stability in programming for students and families – and opportunity for community feedback.  LPS ranks 227 out of 245 school districts in Nebraska in per pupil spending – spending $11,274 per pupil compared to the state average of $12,230.

The Board will vote final approval of the budget on August 28.


4. Take me out to the ballgame For more information: Matt Avey,

Lincoln Public Schools heads for the ball park on Wednesday, August 22, an annual LPS tradition that allows an estimated 3,200 LPS fifth graders to enjoy the experience of attending a Saltdogs game.  Peanuts, popcorn!

5. First Learning Lunch of season  – For more information: Mary Kay Roth,

Communicating with a Gen X-er?  Supervising a Baby Boomer? Working with a Millennial?  The first Lincoln Public Schools Learning Lunch of the year will address: Beatles, Bee Gees and Beyoncé, Communicating and Managing Generational Differences – scheduled for noon on Tuesday, August 21in the Board Room at LPS District Office, 5905 O St.  Learning Lunches are open to the public as well as LPS staff.  Learning Lunches are livestreamed on the LPS website and run live on cable channels.