Lincoln High School Incident

Letter to Lincoln High School Families:

Lincoln High Families,

I want to inform you of a difficult and disturbing situation that we have been working on with Lincoln Police involving a Lincoln High staff member and Lincoln High student. Following a Lincoln Police investigation – that LPS closely assisted with – Marcus Perry, an in-school suspension technician at Lincoln High, has been arrested for first degree sexual assault related to an alleged incident with a Lincoln High student.

Perry is also coach of the girls varsity basketball team.  The incident did not involve a member of the athletic team, but occurred in an in-school suspension room – and was associated with his duties that include providing assistance for short- and long-term suspension programs.

After a potential problem was first reported, we immediately notified Lincoln Police and cooperated with police as they conducted their investigation.  The staff member has been placed on administrative leave and will not have access to Lincoln High or any LPS property.

We will have members of the Crisis Response Team at Lincoln High today for support of our students and staff members.  In addition, we read a statement to all Lincoln High students today to explain the situation.

We are also asking for your help.  Please take a moment to talk with your son or daughter about what to do if they or someone they know is uncomfortable in any way with an adult – either at or away from school.  We encourage our students and families to report any behavior that raises suspicion or concern – in students, staff or community members – to a caring, trusted adult.

Meanwhile, we ask that you honor and respect the privacy of those involved and let the legal system work. This is an ongoing investigation as Lincoln Police and LPS continue looking into this matter.

Our highest priority is creating a safe environment for all our students at Lincoln High and Lincoln Public Schools.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you.

Mark Larson
Principal, Lincoln High School

Media event with Superintendent Dr. Steve Joel about the incident: