Continuous Improvement and Professional Learning

We know that student success and teacher effectiveness cannot be defined by a lesson plan. Lesson planning is messy work that reflects hundreds of decisions about student needs, background knowledge, and strategies. The LPS Lesson Design Guide is intended to serve as a place to start when crafting lessons and is not intended to be a linear checklist. The power of lesson planning is not the final product on a page, but rather the intentional reflection and discussion it prompts. We also know that some teaching strategies are more effective than others and it is important to illuminate those which can accelerate learning for all students.

To learn more about LPS Instructional Design, please sign up for our LPS Lesson Design course (#23230) in our professional learning catalog.

Takako Olson

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

  • Contractual Professional Developments – regulations
  • Teacher Tenure Requirements
  • Course proposals
  • National Board Certification
  • New Teacher Curriculum Connections
  • Salary Advancement

Dr. Sarah Salem

Director of Continuous Improvement and Professional Learning

  • Professional Learning Requirements
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
  • New Teacher Orientation
  • Accreditation
  • School Improvement
  • LPS Instructional Design

Heather Abernethy

Professional Learning Office

  • Performance Matters system
  • Para workshops and stipends
  • Professional Learning requirements
  • School improvement funds
  • New teacher orientation
  • District workshops

Lisa Ford

Curriculum & Instruction Office

  • Salary advancement courses
  • Tenure Requirements
  • New teacher mentor program

Kim Ruud

Continuous Improvement Coordinator

  • Instructional Coaching
  • New Teacher Program
  • Mentor Program