The 2017-18 LPS Budget (Videos and Transcripts)

Lincoln Public Schools has created a series of videos related to the proposed budget for the 2017-18 school year. Videos will be released every few days leading up to the August 8 Public Hearing / Budget Forum (6:00-6:45 p.m.) and Budget Approval (First Reading).

Each link below includes the video and typed transcript.

The Budgeting Process

Three-year budgeting plans are a big part of our budgeting process.

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Assessments & Aid

Our budget relies on the assessment of properties and state aid. Here’s how the two work within a school budget.

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Planning for student growth

We have grown by more than 850 students each of the past 5 years. Here’s how that impacts the budget.

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What’s being included in this proposed budget

Watch to learn about what is being included in this year’s budget.

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What’s not included in this budget

Watch to learn about Items not included in this year’s budget.

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The rising value of property

Valuations, their recent history with Lincoln, and its impact on a school budget.