Assessment and Evaluation

District Statistics and Evaluations

Annual Statistical Handbook

This link will take you to a page containing current and historical information about Lincoln Public Schools. The documents on the site provide information on student, personnel, facilities and finance. 

District Graduation Information

This document contains current and historic longitudinal graduation and dropout information for Lincoln Public Schools as a district. Longitudinal data collection follows a group of students from 9th grade through their logical graduation date. These data can be accessed using the first link below. Click the link to access the document showing a four-year history of Graduation Information for Lincoln Public Schools.

 Enrollment Projections

This document contains the newest LPS Enrollment Projections.


Evaluations for grants or programs are another service provided by our department. You may contact the director if you have a program or grant in which you need an evaluator. The evaluation priorities are:

  1. evaluations required by State or Federal Statute, Nebraska Department of Education  regulation, Board Policy, or integral to operation of the district.

  2. evaluations assigned by the Board of Education, the Superintendent of Schools, or an Associate/Assistant Superintendent that have the potential to impact the district in significant ways.

  3. evaluations of externally funded programs, where the evaluation is defined by formal contractual arrangements between the ESU 18 and the federal program. 

  4. evaluations requested by a building that support the school improvement process.