To graduate, students in grades 9-12 must meet the reading demonstration requirement. The reading demonstration verifies students’ vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension skills. Students may meet the requirement in one of several ways:

  • Receiving a MAP Reading Grades 6-12 RIT score of 216.
  • Receiving at least a level of “On Track” on the NSCAS ELA in grades 7 and 8 or a level of “College and Career Ready (CCR)” in grade 8.
  • Receiving a percentile rank of 40 or higher on a reading test on the approved list (e.g., Terra Nova, Iowa, PreACT, ACT, ACT Aspire) taken in grades 9-12.
  • Receiving a score of 4 or 5 on the ELPA Reading Test taken in grades 9-12.
  • Meeting requirements in an RGD Proxy course (e.g., Reading Advancement).
  • Meeting requirements as specified through the ELL proxy process.
  • Meeting requirements specified in the student’s IEP.

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For more information, contact J.J. Dugdale, RGDR Coordinator.

Written Directions on how to view the Reading Graduation Demonstration Requirement (RGDR) on Synergy ParentVue:  Click Here

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