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Apple TV: Connecting & Troubleshooting

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Many LPS classrooms have AppleTV devices that allow for wireless screen sharing from a laptop or iPad to a monitor or projector. Follow these steps to make that connection or troubleshoot problems.

Connect from a Laptop

  1. Select the Airplay Menu from the Menu Bar of your laptop.
  2. Select the appropriate Apple TV from the list. Within a few seconds, a 4-digit number (AirPlay Code) should appear on the AppleTV screen (the monitor or projector).
  3. Input that 4-digit code into the dialog box that appears on your laptop screen.

Connect from an iPad

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your iPad screen to access Control Center.
  2. Tap the “AirPlay” button.
  3. Select your Apple TV from the list that pops up.
  4. Toggle the ‘Mirror’ switch to On (green). Within a few seconds a 4-digit number (AirPlay Code) should appear on the AppleTV screen (the monitor or projector).
  5. Input that 4-Digit code into the dialog box that appears on your iPad screen.

Can’t Connect?

If you can’t connect to the Apple TV, try the steps below, in this order:

  1. Restart the Apple TV by going into these menus: Settings -> General -> Restart. Otherwise, hold down the ‘Menu’ and ‘Down’ buttons on the remote for 6 seconds.
  2. If that does not work restart the iPad and/or Laptop

Ongoing Issues

If you find that you are having ongoing issues mirroring to AppleTV with your iPad, consider the following ideas:

  1. Make sure your iPad is running iOS 8. To check, look in the Settings app under General -> About.
  2. Try changing the network to LPSPublic instead of LPSPrivate. In the Settings app, tap Wifi, then select LPSPublic from the list.

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Mobile Apps that Connect to LPS Systems

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Most LPS employees now have access to mobile devices (smart phones, tablets) through personal or work situations. Many of the systems LPS uses to conduct business have apps that connect your mobile device with the data you are interested in. Following is an alphabetical listing of some of the major ones in our environment.



XeroxMobileAppMany apps are available that would allow you to create a WebDAV connection to our LPS DocuShare server. The official one is offered by Xerox – the same folks who created DocuShare. The Mobile Client for DocuShare enables you to access, manage, and share content stored in LPS DocuShare.


LPS Setup

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, you will need to setup an “Account” in the app that allows you to connect to LPS DocuShare.

  1. Click the “More •••” icon at the bottom of the left column, then “Manage Accounts
  2. Fill out the available fields exactly as shown in this image, except for the Username & Password fields which should be your own LPS credentials.


G Suite (Google apps)

Google_Drive_AppGoogle has a suite of 4 mobile apps that allow you to view, share, and organize your files on mobile devices. You can also upload and store new files directly from your phone or tablet.

Download for iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Download for Android

LPS Setup

When using these Google Drive apps to connect to your LPS GOOG account, you will need to use your full LPS GOOG email address ( as your username (

More Info



mackinviaMackinVIA provides easy access to eBooks and educational databases offered by LPS libraries. With just one login, users can view, utilize, and manage all of their eResources.


 LPS Setup

When launching MackinVIA for the first time you will need to offer three pieces of information to connect to your school library.

  1. Enter Your School Name: [Begin typing your school name and you should see it appear.]
  2. Backpack User ID: [Your LPS username]
  3. Backpack Password: [Your LPS password]

More Info


McGraw-Hill ConnectED Mobile (Wonders)

ConnectEdThe McGraw-Hill K-12 ConnectED Mobile app allows K-6 teachers in LPS to access much of the Reading Wonders curriculum content (eBooks, leveled readers, practice sheets, and additional resources) directly on an iPad.


LPS Setup

NOTE: You will not login directly through the app. Instead, use Safari (on your iPad) to visit keyword: Wonders and login, just as you would on your computer. From the Wonders dashboard, you should see a link on the right side of the page that says “Launch App.” (VIEW SCREENSHOT) When you tap that link, it should open the McGraw-Hill K-12 ConnectED Mobile app if you have it installed on your iPad. Otherwise, tap the link on the dashboard that says “App Store” to be taken to the download & install page in the Apple App Store.

To view content, you may download it to the iPad by selecting it within the app. Each piece of content is large and may take 5 minutes or more to download to your iPad. Consider this when preparing for the day – you would not want to introduce that wait time during a lesson.

When you have completed the week’s lessons, you may want to free up storage space on your iPad by deleting the previously used content. You can do this by opening your “Book Bag” and tapping “Edit”. You may then delete any old materials.


More Info

McGraw-Hill Reading and Language Arts apps appropriate for student use may be found here:


The MyVRSpot app for iOS (iPad & iPhone) allows for upload of videos recorded on the mobile device directly to the user’s LPS MyVRSpot account. This greatly streamlines the process of using a mobile device as a camera.

NOTE: While the MyVRSpot app does allow for other uses (recording directly to your account or viewing content from your account, for example) at this time it is our recommendation that you not use any feature other than uploading.


Additional Information about MyVRSpot.



OverdriveAppOverDrive allows users to borrow and download popular ebooks and audiobooks from our digital library.


LPS Setup

When launching the OverDrive app, you will first need to select our LPS library. Instructions for getting started with the OverDrive App.

To login to OverDrive

  • Choose user type (student/teacher)
  • Library Card Number: [Your LPS username]
  • PIN: [Your LPS password]

Additional Help


ownCloud (¢.99)

ownCloudAppOwnCloud offers mobile access to the files that your your desktop computer is syncing with the LPS ownCloud server in this ¢.99 app. Browse your ownCloud server files, add folders, delete files, download, upload, open and update files and more – wherever you are, whenever you want!


LPS Setup

When you set up the mobile app you will need to enter your LPS username & password, along with the LPS server address:

    NOTE: Don’t forget the ‘s‘ in the address when you type it in. The ‘s’ is for “secure” and the address will not work if you leave it out.

Remember that mobile devices tend to play funny games with auto-capitalization. If you are unable to login, triple check that you entered your password with the appropriate upper/lower case letters & numbers.

More Info


Performance Matters

Performance Matters is the LPS professional development tool used for registering for LPS staff development, and more. They offer a mobile app that allows you to view your courses as both an instructor and a participant. As a participant, view your upcoming courses and map their locations. As an instructor, you can take attendance directly in the app.

 Download for iOS & Android

LPS Setup

During the first login with the Performance Matters mobile app, you will need to sign in with your LPS credentials and the following code, which identifies you as an LPS employee:

  • jcsfjw



Edupoint Education Systems

There are different mobile apps available depending on your role in the system to use with Synergy. You can click on the links below or search the store to install the app on your mobile device.

 Download for iPhone & iPad

Download for Android

LPS Setup

The ParentVUE and StudentVUE apps only require that the parent or student enter their Zip Code. It will direct them to the LPS Parent/Student portal.

Some of the apps require that the District URL be entered.  The LPS District URL is:

    NOTE: Don’t forget to type the “s” in “https”. 

The TeacherVue app does not allow you to take attendance on the iPhone, there is simply not enough room on the screen to see your class grid.



WeVideo provides an award winning app for iOS (iPhone, iPad) as well as Android devices. Like the web tool you already know, the mobile apps are an easy-to-use yet sophisticated video editor. Capture your favorite moments and memories and transform them into videos within minutes using special effects, filters, voiceover recordings, and more. If you are unfamiliar with WeVideo in LPS, start here.

Note: At this time, WeVideo projects that are started in the mobile app must be finished in the mobile app. You cannot start a project on mobile and switch to desktop, or vice-versa.


LPS Setup

To use your LPS WeVideo account on the mobile device, you must sign in using your LPS Google account. To do this, click the GOOGLE sign-in option (a red G) on the initial app screen. Use your email account, and it will redirect you to the LPS single sign-on screen you would expect to see when logging into any LPS tool online.

To sign out of the WeVideo iPad app, open the left menu. Open the “Account Info” screen and look for the “Sign Out” link in the top-right corner.

More Information:



WordPressAppWordPress is available for use on mobile devices. The advantages these tools offer begin with the ability to upload photos to your blog page live as they happen, easily manage comments, write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and manage comments on your blog from wherever you may be by using your WordPress for your mobile device.


LPS Setup

Getting up and running with the WordPress app on your mobile device is a two-step process. Detailed instructions can be found on this LPS page.

More Info



zimbra_logoZimbra is the communication suite used in LPS, including email, calendar, and tasks. It does not run in an “app.” Instead, it creates an always-on connection (ActiveSync) that keeps your mobile device synced – live, in real-time.

LPS Setup

We have a number of web web pages explaining how to establish the sync between your device and the LPS Zimbra servers. Find links to them here, or feel free to enter an LPS Help Ticket for assistance.

Other Tips:



Zoom is a web-conferencing tool that allows a user to attend meetings, professional development and other group events from their computer or mobile device. The desktop and mobile client also have an Instant Messaging (IM) feature. Zoom is licensed for all LPS certificated staff, administrators, and technicians.


LPS Setup

Sign into your LPS Zoom account with these instructions:

  1. Click Sign In
  2. Select SSO (do NOT select Google and do not use the text fields for email)
  3. The company domain should be lps
  4. Go
  5. The Lincoln Public Schools sign in appears, enter your LPS username & password
  6. Open this page in the Zoom app

Other Tips:

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Mobile Devices: iOS – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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Please note that technical support can not be provided for personal use applications that may be installed on your mobile devices.

Purchase: Information on purchasing an LPS mobile device can be found on the LPS Buying Guide .

First Time Users: To begin using your iOS device, you must first connect it to your computer with iTunes installed (Mac or Windows). All Mac OS computers already have iTunes installed. Windows computers may need to download it from the Apple Web site.

Staff Development:

Just Ask!

chatIf you are not finding an answer to your question, perhaps we didn’t think of it and it just hasn’t been asked. Ask it yourself in our discussion forum! We’d also love to hear how you use this tool in your classroom or work at LPS.

Apps for your iOS Device

If a user wishes to acquire applications or media for these devices, they must set up an iTunes Store Account.  

  • If this is a personal device you must enter billing information in the iTunes account set up regardless if you plan to purchase any applications.  Even if you purchase free apps, they still call it a ‘purchase’.
  • If this is an LPS device the iTunes account is managed by the District and cannot be modified. Apps purchased for student use iPad apps must be procured via vouchers. Please contact one of the following LPS Computing Services staff members for more information on the App Purchase Program:
    • Darin Raguse,
    • Ray Bretthauer,


Mobile Apps that Connect to LPS Systems

Many of the systems LPS uses to conduct business have apps that connect your mobile device with the data you are interested in. This page offers an alphabetical listing of some of the major ones in our environment with links to download the app and instructions on how to set it up for use in the LPS environment.


Specific information about using mobile devices and Synergy:

There are different mobile apps depending on your role in the system to use with Synergy.    You can click on the link below or search the store to install the app on your mobile device.

Some of the apps require that the District URL be entered.  The LPS District URL is:  (note the s on https) The ParentVUE and StudentVUE apps only require that the parent or student enter their Zip Code and it will direct them to the LPS Parent/Student portal.



What apps should I get on my mobile device?

That depends.  What do you teach?  What are your personal and professional productivity needs?  You might find out from colleagues which applications work best for them.  Many users download applications regularly but never spend a cent.   There are so many that are free!!

ALearning in Handnother good resource for iPods, iPod Touches and iPad information is Tony Vincent’s Blog, Learning in Hand.




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