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Atomic Learning (AL)

Atomic Learning logo USE: Web-based video tutorials

LICENSE: Web-based subscription – available to all LPS staff, students and parents. Provided by LPS Computing Services, Media Services and Curriculum Departments

Knowing that time is the major detractor to your learning and skill building we want to emphasize one of the best resources available – Atomic Learning.  Computing Services, Media Services and Curriculum partner to provide the district’s Atomic Learning subscription.  We are very excited about the access and information that Atomic Learning offers.

In addition to being a resource for LPS staff and students, our subscription to Atomic Learning is available to all families of our students for use in the home.  Parents, contact your school Media Specialist for login details.

What is Atomic Learning?

“Atomic Learning” refers to breaking learning down into its primary parts…the atoms of learning. An atom of learning may be a bit of technique, or a little trick of the trade, or one step among many steps toward creating something much bigger and more complex. The Atomic Learning Library is a library of leaning atoms in the form of video tutorials. By breaking training down into tiny pieces, we make it possible for you to learn on your terms, in your available time .

Have five minutes? AL can answer that little software question that’s been nagging you.

Have an hour or more? You can explore sequences of learning atoms to learn more complex techniques…all at your own pace.

Logging in to Atomic Learning

  1. Go to any web page and keyword: atomic
    Go directly to Atomic Learning @ this address:
  2. All LPS staff and students must login with their LPS username and password
  3. Once logged in to the Atomic Learning web page:
    If this is your first time using AL, learn about the site by clicking the “Learn to use this site” link on the left side of the page.
  • Enter keywords or select application names from the filters and click on Search
  • The provided tutorials will walk you through all the steps needed to complete a task/process.
  • An Atomic Learning Flyer to share with staff can be found here.

Atomic Learning Mobile App for iPad

The following instructions apply to Lincoln Public Schools staff and students for use with the Atomic Learning iPad AppIcon of Atomic Mobile App:

  1. Download/install the Atomic Learning App to your iPad
  2. Launch the app
  3. Click Login
  4. Type your LPS login and password in the required fields
  5. Click Advanced
  6. Type lps in the Realm Name field
  7. You will now be logged in to Atomic Learning


  • Option to add selected videos to your Favorites
  • You may select to download a single video or all available videos in a series so that you can watch the videos when your mobile device is away from wireless network access
  • Search all content for a particular video or series


Professional Development:

P00182: Atomic Lab: Independent Study in Digital Skills

FLEX OPTION (1 hour 45 min.) Learning how to use digital tools takes time, and that’s what this session provides. This workshop gives you 105 minutes of time dedicated to Atomic Learning video tutorials on tools that directly support the digital side of your professional practices as described by Charlotte Danielson. Bring a pair of headphones and join us!

Visit the LPS Staff Development Catalog to see session dates and register.

The Atomic Learning Library contains thousands of video tutorials.  We have selected several selections from the comprehensive library that fall appropriately into Charlotte Danielson’s Domains for Teaching.  Please access the listing of the  selected tutorial series here: