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RSS Feeds

RSS = Really Simple Syndication.

Syndication is a process in which you can subscribe to the content provided on many websites in one central location. A few fun and informative explanations can be found here.

To get started with RSS you need two things:

  1. A news reader
  2. RSS feeds

Readers (Aggregators)

A news reader is the tool you will use to subscribe to the content from multiple web pages in one central location. Readers are available in many types, with various abilities and designs. You may be surprised to learn that LPS Zimbra has basic RSS capabilities, so there is no need to go find a tool. Beyond that we recommend Google Reader. If you already have a Google Account, simply log-in. If you don’t have a Google Account, go ahead and sign up for one – they are free and offer you access to dozens of tools useful to Educators.

Finding Feeds

You might also be surprised to learn that most (but not all) websites offer their content via an RSS feed. Start looking for a couple of indicators to see if your favorite sites do. The universal symbol used to notify people of an RSS feed is a symbol like the one shown at right. Often it is orange, but not always. Occasionally there will be no symbol, just the text “RSS”.

Using RSS in Zimbra

You can subscribe to Web sites that provide your favorite RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and podcast feeds to send updated information directly to your Zimbra mailbox.

You will begin by copying the address (URL) of the RSS feed you wish to add to Zimbra. To do this you can either

  • Right-click on the RSS feed icon or the feed link and choose “Copy Link Location“, or
  • Click on the icon or feed link and copy the text in the web browser’s location field (the URL)

Now that you have the URL for the RSS ready to go, log into your LPS Zimbra account.

  1. zimbra new folderIn the Folders pane of your email, click the gear icon (found at the top of the left column).
  2. In the Name field, type the name you wish to give to this RSS feed folder.
  3. Check the “Subscribe to RSS/ATOM feed” checkbox.
  4. In the URL field, paste the URL for the RSS feed that you copied a moment ago.
  5. From the folder menu select where to add the RSS feed folder within your Zimbra account. Choosing the root folder creates a folder that displays at the highest level in your folder view, that is the same level as your Inbox folder.
  6. Click OK.

The RSS feed icon displays as the folder in your Overview pane. Open the RSS folder to access the link.

Your RSS data feed is automatically updated every 12 hours. To update the content at any time, open the RSS folder and click Load Feed.

Note that RSS feeds you save count against your account quota.


Using RSS in Google Reader or other tools

  1. Copy the address (URL) of the RSS feed. You can accomplish this in a couple of ways, including
    • Right-click on the RSS icon or feed link and choose “Copy Link Location”, or
    • Click on the icon or feed link and copy the text in the web browser’s location field (the URL)
  2. Click the Add Subscription button in Google Reader (or the tool of your choosing) and paste the address in the text field that appears.


Feeds you may appreciate

To get you started, following are some RSS feeds that may be of interest to LPS employees. Once you see how conveinent RSS makes news, you’ll be looking for them on all of your favorite web sites!


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