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eDisk (LPS)

What is eDisk?

 eDisk is computer disk space dedicated to the storage of an individual’s school or work related files. It resides in the Lincoln Public Schools network operations center and can be accessed only from within the LPS network.  Files may be electronically transferred to and from eDisk as if it were a pen/thumb drive.Think of eDisk as part junk drawer and part safety deposit box. Like a junk drawer it provides a place to quickly drop files and digital artifacts that you may incorporate into documents.  Like a safety deposit box it provides a safe place to store files you want to make sure are backed up.  Also, like a safety deposit box that you can only access during bank hours the files in your eDisk are only available when you are on the LPS network.

Staff and students alike are provided with basic file storage and retrieval via eDisk.  Quotas for staff are greater than that of students.  There is no sharing between users and no way to drop files to other users but eDisk serves as an excellent place to back up files such as bookmarks and printer files that would be lost if the computer were re-imaged.  If collaboration is required around a document or set of documents then DocuShare should be used.

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