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LPS Student Computing Device Coverage Program: 2017-18

Lincoln Public Schools offers the opportunity to participate in the optional LPS Student Computing Device Coverage Program designed to protect students and families from full financial responsibility for device repairs and/or replacement.

* The information on this page applies to the 2017-18 school year. Please CLICK HERE for program details from the 2016-17 school year.

Participation and Fee

Total cost for participation is $20.00/$10.00* per device, per school year (*reduced for students who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch Program). Participation is indicated by and effective upon fee payment online via Synergy/SchoolPay or direct payment to school bookkeeper. Participation Fees are non-refundable.

Claims, Coverage and Benefit

The program covers any device assigned to the student against damage and/or loss. Damaged, lost, or stolen devices should be reported immediately according to the process described during orientation. Lost or stolen devices should also be reported to school officials and authorities (Police) within 24 hours and a police report must be filed in the school office.

Total cost of repairs or device replacement will be determined by LPS. The Participation Fee covers future repairs up to the $20 Participation Fee. Participants pay 50% of all repairs/replacement in excess of the $20 Participation Fee (per the schedule of repairs and fines).

Damage as a result of gross negligence or purposeful damage will not be covered and the district reserves the right to discontinue participation for students with unusually high numbers of claims. Such discontinuation will be effective 30 days after notification to the student and parent/guardian.

Effective and Expiration Dates

Coverage is effective from the date of the Participation Fee payment through the date at which the device is returned in good condition or the first student day of the next school year.

Schedule of Repairs and Fines

Picture of Dell Chromebook Parts

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The schedule of repairs and fines includes components most likely to need repair/replacement, but is not exhaustive. Costs reflect information for the 2017-18 school year. CLICK HERE for a graphic labeling the components listed below.

DescriptionCostCost: Program Participants
Device Replacement$196$98
11.6" Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)$45$22.50
LCD Bezel$7.50$3.75
LCD Bezel Bumper$2$1
Bottom Base$7.50$3.75
LCD Assembly Cover$25$12.50
DC Input Cable & Assembly$2$1
Signaling Cable & Assembly$7.50$3.75
Assembly Sim Card Door$2$1
Speaker Module$5$2.50
Palmrest Assembly$25$12.50
AC Power Adapter - Brick$16$8
AC Power Adapter - Cord$2$1
LCD Hinge, Right or Left$2.50$1.25
Carrying Case / Sleeve$18$9
Carrying Case: Strap$3.50$1.75
Carrying Case: Pouch$3$1.50
Wireless Card$16$8
I/O Board$23$11.50