Social Studies at LPS

Maxey students tie in birthday celebration with educational display

For their sesquicentennial studies, Maxey Elementary School specialists sponsored a bookmark contest. K-5 winners had copies made of their bookmarks for students and staff.

In January, the teachers hosted singer Chris Sayre at Maxey. He told students about the pioneers and the 60,000 buffalo that roamed the prairie before Nebraska’s statehood. He played the dulcimer, the concertina, the mandolin, accordion and the saw for the students and all sang several traditional tunes like ‘Beautiful Nebraska’ and ‘Land of the Buffalo.’

During the January assembly, in addition to hearing Chris Sayre talk and play traditional instruments, students got to see the fourth-grade quilts, artwork created during their art specials class with Maxey art teacher, Beth Hergott. On March 1, students will attend an assembly where they will sing celebratory songs including ‘Happy Birthday, Beautiful Nebraska’ and the ‘Maxey School Song,’ written by Maxey music teacher, Sylvia Bailey, for the school’s opening in 1995.



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