Reading Language Arts

Wonders Q & A

Q. How can a long-term substitute access Wonders?

A. The classroom teacher that is requesting a long-term substitute should call or email Beth Eberspacher at 436-1824/  Provide the following information:

  • Date the substitute will be starting
  • Date you will be returning to work
  • Substitute’s name and email address
  • Your permission to give the substitute access to your online Wonders subscription in your absence.

If your substitute needs a computer in your absence, please complete a Help Desk ticket to make that request.

 Q. Can I adjust my calendar?

A. Yes. Link here for directions.


Q. Can I upload my own resources?

A.  The  Professional Development tab on Wonders has a “Tech How-To” folder that explains many features on the Reading Wonders website.  Another way to find directions on how to upload resources is to type resources: My files and my favorites into the search box on the site.  A video tutorial on how to upload resources will be one of the search results.  IMPORTANT:  The site limits teachers to 100 uploads.  Be proactive in protecting your work by saving a back-up copy on DocuShare.

Q. How can I learn more about the Wonders ConnectEd website?

A. Learn more about the Wonders ConnectEd site by following these steps:

  1. Log onto the Wonders site.
  2. Choose the Professional Resources tab or icon.
  3. Sightly below the blue banner at the top, notice 4 brown and tan tabs.  Choose the  “Tech How-To” tab.
  4. Notice there are categories on the left.  There are multiple videos within each category that match topics.

Q. I got a new student today. Why isn’t he/she showing up on my Wonders ConnectEd site?

A.  Your school’s registrar will add new students to your class through Synergy.  Wonders and Synergy are linked.  New students are uploaded to Wonders ConnectEd 24-48 hours after the student appears in Synergy.  If you have renamed your class, you will need to manually add new students to your Wonders class.   Directions on how to manually add students can be found by typing Manage and assign: Work with Students into the search box on the Wonders website.

Q. Why are my students in alphabetical order by first name?

A. The Wonders ConnectEd site has been programmed to sort students by first names rather than last names.  The request has been made to the company to adjust this or offer an option to sort by last name.

Q. How do I delete online files that I have uploaded on the Wonders site?

A. The Wonders website will allow a limited number of files to be loaded.  If you receive a message that you have reached your limit, you will need to delete some files.  Link here for directions on how to delete files.

Q. How do I delete students from my account?

A.  Deleting students when they are no longer a member of your class is important.   Link here for the steps to delete students from your Wonders and take back their subscriptions.

Q. How do students log onto the McGraw Hill’s Wonders Online site?

A. Students sign into the online site by going to the portal.  If students are using a laptop they will go to then type portal into LPS/s search box.  The portal will appear and students select Wonders from the list.  If students are on a chromebook the portal will automatically appear when they log in.  If it does not, the students can select to home button and it will pull up the portal.  Students use the same username and password they use to log onto their Chromebooks.

Q. I am having difficulty getting _________ to work. What should I do?

A. First, check to see if you have your software up-to-date on your computer.  Second, check this page to see if your question matches any on this page.  Use the search window to filter by keyword.  If you are unable to find an answer, send a Help Desk ticket. Keyword ‘help’ on the LPS page or here is the direct link.  The Help Desk has added a new choice under the software/service drop down menu called “Digital Content”.  Choose “Reading Wonders” then complete your ticket.  Be as specific as possible when describing the problem.



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