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CORE Classes

CORE Classes (K-2) – Getting to the CORE of Good Instruction

CORE is a 3-month professional development class.  During these sessions we will collaboratively explore best practices in reading and writing alongside other teachers at our grade level. We will build on the foundation set during the implementation of Wonders and the updated LPS Writing Curriculum.

  • Teachers considering this experience should plan to attend all 3 after school classes (each worth 1.75 district flex) and the Lab Day.
  • The lab day is a culmination and consolidation of the learning that has happened over the course of the three evening classes, therefore, the curriculum department will only pay for and provide subs for teachers who have attended all three after schools class meetings.
  • There will be visits by the grade-level literacy teacher leader for goal setting, coaching, and planning.
  • School visits will focus on the class topics but can also be tailored to support school improvement and appraisal goals. Therefore signing up with your team or teammate would be beneficial.

The class will be offered twice this coming school year.

Session 1

Session 2

Kindergarten Session 1 September 19 LPSDO Room 223 Kindergarten Session 2 December 12 LPSDO Room 118
October 10 LPSDO Room 223 January 23 LPSDO Room 118
November 14 LPSDO Room 118 February 27 LPSDO Room 223
First Grade

Session 1

August 29 LPSDO Room 223 First Grade Session 2 November 21 LPSDO Room 223
September 26 LPSDO Room 223 December 12 LPSDO Room 223
October 13 LPSDO Room 101 January 23 LPSDO Room 223
Second Grade


Second Grade Session 1
December 12 LPSDO Room 101
January 23 LPSDO Room 101
February 27 LPSDO Room 101


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K-6 English Language Arts Curriculum Specialist
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Administrative Assistant
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